Aesthetics and Style in Strategy Vol: 42

Gino Cattani
Leonard N. Stern School of Business, USA

Simone Ferriani
University of Bologna, Italy & City, University of London, UK

Frédéric Godart
INSEAD, France

Stoyan V Sgourev
ESSEC Business School, France

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09 Nov 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
304 pages - 152 x 229mm
Advances in Strategic Management
This book contains an Open Access chapter

Scholarship in management and strategy is paying increasing attention to the domain of aesthetics. Companies routinely make aesthetic choices and there is growing recognition that aesthetic considerations are fundamental for successful performance in competitive markets. Stylistically sophisticated products may appeal to demanding customers, yielding higher profit margins. Style and beauty can also be applied toward enriching organizational cultures, informing leadership visions or motivating employees to defy conventions in designing new products.
Aesthetics and Style in Strategy constitutes the first systematic survey of the interface between the aesthetic and strategic domains. Motivated by the rise of aestheticism in contemporary culture, it lays the foundations for an “aesthetic” turn in strategy, which interrogates the use of aesthetic features as a source of competitive advantage and provides examples of connecting design and engineering, style and technology. The “aesthetic turn” is not simply about creating value, but about sharing value among employees and infusing organizational activities with a purpose that transcends principles of efficiency.
Volume 42 of Advances in Strategic Management documents the variety of ways in which the useful and the beautiful can be brought together, making a valuable contribution to the sustainability of business in the 21st century.
Introduction. The Aesthetic Turn in Strategy: Creating Value with Style OPEN ACCESS
Chapter 1. Style Typologies and Competitive Advantage; Giovanni Formilan
Chapter 2. Aesthetic and Technological Complexity in Luxury Watchmaking; Frederic Godart, Kim Claes, and Stoyan Sgourev
Chapter 3. From Style to Status and to Power: When and Why Do Stylistic Choices in Footwear Make Women Feel and Act Powerful; David Dubois and Lalin Anik 
Chapter 4. Content or Connections? Socio - Semantic Analysis of Leaders’ Communication Styles in a Creative Collective; Nikita Basov, Artem Antonyuk, and IIna Hellsten
Chapter 5. Tell Me Your Story and I Will Tell Your Sales: A Topic Model Analysis of Narrative Style and Firm Performance on Etsy; Donato Cutolo, Simone Ferriani, and Gino Cattani OPEN ACCESS
Chapter 6. A rising tide lifts all boats: The origins of institutionalized aesthetic innovation; Micki Eisenman and Tal Simons
Chapter 7. Changing Style in Style-Changing Industries: The Role of Critics as Gatekeepers in High-End Fashion; Paola Cillo, Joseph C. Nunes, Emanuela Prandelli, and Irene Scopelliti
Chapter 8. Does Stylistic Similarity to Popular Competitors Affect Consumer Evaluations of Quality? Evidence from Online Movie Evaluation; Daniel Sands
Chapter 9. Strategic Balance or Imperfect Imitation? Style and Legitimation Challenges in a Semi-Peripheral City; Alexander Hoppe
Reflections on Style and Strategy: an interview with Candace Jones
Reflections on Style and Strategy: an interview with Gianni Lorenzoni
Reflections on Style and Strategy: an interview with Virginia Postrel
Reflections on Style and Strategy: an interview with Davide Ravasi
Reflections on Style and Strategy: an interview with Antonio Strati
Gino Cattani is Professor of Strategy and Organization Theory at the Stern School of Business, New York University.  
Simone Ferriani is Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Bologna and Honorary Professor at City, University of London.
Frédéric Godart is Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at INSEAD in France.  
Stoyan V. Sgourev is Professor of Management at ESSEC Business School, France.

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