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Advances in the Economic Analysis of Participatory and Labor-managed Firms Vol: 6

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01 Jul 1998
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
272 pages - 156 x 234 x 15mm
Advances in the Economic Analysis of Participatory & Labor-Managed Firms


The effects and impact of employee participation and employee ownership continue to be themes of enduring interest to social scientists from a range of disciplines. The analysis presented in this volume are representative of the best economics research being carried out in the study of labor and empirical studies. Several of the papers deal with the issue of privatization in transition economies, where a large number of newly privatized firms have effectively been transformed into employee owned enterprises. Other key themes covered in this volume are profit sharing in both East and West Europe, the issue of evolutionary transformation of cooperatives into conventional private firms, and the growing importance of the role of social cooperatives in the welfare state.
Employee Ownership in Eastern Europe. Workers' self-management in transitional economies (J. Earle, S. Estrin). The determinants of employee participation in fading communism and early transition (D. Jones, K. Ilayperuma). Various forms of employee participation in Polish employee-owned companies: a statistical analysis (R. Woodward). Profit Sharing. Profit-sharing in Albania: boosting performance in a crisis economy (D. Vaughan). Sharing schemes and productivity: an empirical analysis based on large French firms using production functions and frontiers (F. Fakhfakh). Profit sharing and productivity: evidence from Britain, France, Germany and Italy (V. Perotin). Labor Managed Firms and Cooperatives. Post-privatization duopolies: on equilibria and entry deterrence among labor managed and conventional firms (A. Keshk, S.C. Smith). On the effects of the kibbutz hiring out its own labor force: theory and case studies (E. Satt, H. Ginzburg). Stable producer co-operatives in competitive markets (M. Marini). Social Enterprises. Enriching Swedish women's work environment: the case of social enterprises in day care (V.A. Pestoff).

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