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Advances in international banking and finance Vol: 2

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23 Aug 1996
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
237 pages - 150 x 230 x 20mm
Advances in International Banking and Finance


This series focuses on topics such as international financial markets, pricing options on foreign assets and the ECU as the financing currency. This volume includes a section on European acquisitions by French banks, strategies and the European financial structure. Other areas covered include: regulatory taxes; investment and financing decisions for insured banks; free trade and the European financial structure; and a critical reexamination of the return geneship process of the arbitrage pricing theory.
Regulatory taxes, investment, and financing decisions for insured banks, Anlong Li et al; European acquisitions by French banks, strategies, and the European financial structure - insights into a complex relationship, Bernard Marois, Francois Lepineux; project and firm valuation, foreign exchange exposure, and accounting methods with an option to liquidate, Tong Kim, Edward Omberg; listing in the U.S. markets by foreign firms - evidence on return and risks, K.G. Viswanathan; stock volatility and impact of news - the case of four Asia-Pacific markets, Y.K. Tse, X.L. Zuo; a critical re-examination of the return generating process of the arbitrage pricing theory, George Diacogiannis et al; free trade and the U.S. financial services industries - assessment from the reaction of stock prices of financial firms to the U.S.-Canada free trade agreement, Shahid S. Hamid et al; the public concern - "it's the fundamentals stupid" - the Orange Country bankruptcy in perspective, Sarkis Joseph Khoury; abstract of the paper "Credit market reputation and the optimality of financing through subsidiaries", Thomas J. Chemmanur.

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