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Advances in Working Capital Management Vol: 4

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22 Jun 2001
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
228 pages - 156 x 234 x 14mm
Advances in Working Capital Management


Volume 4 in this research series contains nine papers. Following the tradition of the earlier volumes, it is similar in style to the first three volumes and illustrates ongoing research thrusts on a variety of financial economics issues that are germane to working capital management. The papers have been logically divided into three parts. The first part of the volume focuses on the issues covering short-term interest rates, short-term financial management, and a cash balance model. Part two contains papers that examine the issue of trade credit analysis under a competitive pricing situation and an environment in which the level of sales fluctuates. Finally, Part 3 departs from the traditional discussions on working capital management in that it explores dividend payouts and tax environment changes as a source of concern to treasury (and financial) managers. This fourth volume presents a rich variety of papers that address an expanding facet of working capital management. It is hoped that the papers are found to be informative and act to stimulate research and practice in the area of treasury/financial management.
Part I. Short-Term Interest Rates and Financial Management. The component of short-term interest rates (T.W. Miller, B.K. Stone). A study of short-term financial management techniques (C.E. Maxwell, L.J. Gitman and S.A.M. Smith). The cash balance model of Miller-Orr (W.R.L. Taylor, J.A. Yoder). Part II. Financing Alternatives: Trade Credit Analysis and Bank Loans Under Debtor-in-Possession Financing. Constrained optimal trade credit terms in a competitive pricing model (B.D. Kluger). The analysis of credit policy changes with growing and seasonal sales (K.D. Riener). Debtor-in-possession financing and the uniqueness of bank loans: evidence from borrowers and lenders perspectives (F.A. Elayan, J.Li). Part III. Cash Dividend, Dividend Initiation and Tax Rate Changes. Cash dividend payments: an examination of the signalling and agency costs hypothesis (S. Mukherji, M.S. Dhatt and C.F. Richards). Investor cognizance and price reactions to dividend initiation (H. Jo, C. Kang and Y.H. Kim). Evaluation of the effect of tax rate changes (M-W. Rhee, A.E. Avery).

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