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Advances in Taxation Vol: 6

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01 Dec 1994
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
300 pages - 147 x 230 x 30mm
Advances in Taxation


This sixth volume is part of a series which serves as a research annual for the publication of academic tax research. Topics covered in this title include an empirical study of the objectivity of CPAS's tax work and the impact of education on perceptions of tax fairness.
An empirical study of the objectivity of CPAS tax work, Dale D. Bandy et al; an empirical analysis of the trade offs of tax incentives and non tax costs related to the corporate alternative minimum tax, Gregory A. Carnes; the impact of education on perceptions of tax fairness, Anne L. Christensen et al; observations on the impact of the uniform inventory capitalization rules, Ron Colley et al; the efficiency of restricted stock relative to stock options in deferred compensation, Haim A. Mozes; how regressive are homeowner preference deductions? an analysis for the distributional effect of homeowner preference deductions, David Ryan; an empirical assessment of the impact of internal revenue code section 263 A, Paul G. Schloemer. Tax education research: tax professionals' perceptions of the importance of graduate education, Barry P. Arlinghaus, W. Peter Salzarulo; using blooms taxonomy to teach judicial law within a group structure, Alan B. Davis, Ernest R. Larkins; computer-assisted vs. conventional tax research - a controlled experiment, James E. Parker, James C. Stallman.

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