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Advances in Services Marketing and Management Vol: 7

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23 Apr 1998
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
350 pages - 156 x 234 x 20mm
Advances in Services Marketing and Management


This interdisciplinary series focuses on new, fresh ideas in services marketing and management and is committed to encouraging scholars new to the area of services to pursue innovative and interdisciplinary services-related research. Also encouraged is work that crosses the boundaries between academic research and business practice. Leading scholars will delve into services issues such as service quality, internal marketing, service design, human resources in services, services operations, etc. Included are directions for future research and managerial implications. An added feature is a services in action section addressing in depth some aspect of a service organizations practice which is on the cutting edge. Leading service firms will share how they have innovatively applied services principles in business practice.
List of contributors. Preface (T.A. Swart et a.). Acknowledgment. About the Center for Services Marketing and Management. Executive Summaries. Services: what do we know and where shall we go? A view from marketing (D. Iacobucci). The service quality measurement literature: a generalizability perspective (A. Finn, U. Kayande). Why would certain types of in-process negative emotions increase post-purchase consumer satisfaction with services? Insights from an interpersonal view of emotions (L. Dube, K. Menon). Service disposition and personality: a review and a classification scheme for understanding where service disposition has an effect on customers (R.F. Hurley). Toward a unifying framework for studying internal market services exchange (J.R. Ronchetto, T.A. Buckles). The strategic course for a dynamic new service: identity and the divergent beliefs of managers (M.B. Houston et al.). Gaining customer compliance in services (S. Dellande, M.C. Gilly). Psychological empowerment in a service environment: some empirical findings (B. Van Looy et al.). About the editors. About the contributors.

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