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Advances in Quantitative Analysis of Finance and Accounting Vol: 8

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20 Dec 2000
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
280 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Advances in Quantitative Analysis of Finance and Accounting


Advances in Quantitative Analysis of Finance and Accounting
List of contributors. An evaluation of the ability of logit-based financial statement analysis to identify market mispricing (R.M. Morton, P.B. Shane). The impact of growth opportunities versus information asymmetry on seasoned equity offerings: some empirical evidence (K.E. Karim, et al.). The value-relevance of earnings, cash flows, multinationality, and corporate reputation as assessed by security markets (A. Riahi-Belkaoui). Using simulations to price compound options and calculate partial differentials (M.A. Siddiqi). Mutual fund growth and changes in expense ratios: shareholder wealth expropriation? (S.P. Zera, E. Kang). Payment eeilings and incentive contracting for sole source procurement (M.P. Loeb, K. Surysekar). Do share prices anticipate future earnings and cash flows? (C.A. Li, R.T. Wearing). Measurement error and simultaneity in the returns-earnings relation (S.M. Machuga, R.J. Pfeiffer, Jr. and B.J. Morzuch). The determinants of corporate capital structure: factor analysis and regression approach on a cross-validation basis (Anlin Chen, Wen-chih Lee and Lanfeng Kao). A feasible analysis of the determinants of the optimal product mix by using a fuzzy delphi linear programming model (Soushan Wu, Tzy-Yih Hsiao and T.W. Lin). SFAS 106 and the choice between immediate and prospective recognition (S. Gill, L. Rees). Bond pricing: some evidence of tax-effects in the term structure (B.J. Lekvin, G.L. Suchanek). The expected return of a static black-scholes delta-hedge and the CAPM (D.F.S. Choi, P.G.Z. Ouyang).

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