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Advances in Public Interest Accounting Vol: 6

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25 Aug 1995
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
392 pages - 156 x 234 x 23mm
Advances in Public Interest Accounting


This sixth volume in the series deals with such topics as managing the organizational environment, the values of accounting and education, segregation in the professions and expectations of professional success in accounting.
Why do accountants write plays about direct costing, Peter Armstrong; Accounting, time and African philosophy, Daniel P.S. Asechemie; Managing the organizational environment: the United States general accounting office and its audit report review process, Onker N. Basu; The values of accounting and education: some implications of the creation of visibilities and invisibilities in schools, Jane Broadbent; Segregation: a patriarchal strategy in the professions, J. Andrew Coutts, Jennifer Roberts; Sponsored academic positions by large public accounting firms: an investigation of quid pro quo, Timothy J. Fogarty; Disclosure of environmental cleanup costs: the impact of the superfund, Martin Freedman, A.J. Stagliano; Expectations of professional success in accounting: an examination of race and gender differences, Mary Anne Gaffney et al; Accounting and modernity, Sonja Gallhofer, Jim Haslam; Auditor concentration and pricing of audit services: public policy and research implications, Willie E. Gist, Pavlos Michaels; Variability in social disclosure: a legitimacy-based analysis, Dennis M. Patten; Regulating the new stock issue process, Cynthia Simmons, Dean Neu. Public Interest forum: An examination of the possible occurrence of fraud in accounting research, Stanley W.Davis, J. Edward Ketz; The public cost of private corporations, Ralph Estes. Selected poems and short stories: matures dividend, Kate Carnegie-Smith; Morning, David J. Carpenter; Academic howl (for Allen Ginsberg), Timothy J. Fogarty; Career choice, Horace Givens; Developing a business plan for not raising hogs (a short story), James D. Hansen, John D. Morgan; How strange is this accountancy, David G. Hewitt; Everybody's talking, Chris Humphrey et al; Requiem on accountancy, Gerald Vinten; Crossing the bridge, Keith Varnock.

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