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Advances in Political Psychology Vol: 1

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01 Nov 2004
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
192 pages - 150 x 225 x 12mm
Advances in Political Psychology


In volume 1 of the series, the focus is on political psychology as a perspective or way of exploring politics. The volume shows how political psychology provides a window on the world by exploring issues of identity, political participation and framing as well as showing how world leaders, institutions and governments do it politically. A myriad of methods are used in studying these topics ranging from surveys to experiments to case studies. Chapters focus on the US experience as well as that of a number of other countries. This Series is sponsored by the International Society of Political Psychology.
Introduction: Political psychology as a perspective on politics. Can there be Europe without Europeans?. Problems of identity in a multinational community. Participation as viewed through the lens of the political socialization project. Framing politics for mass consumption: can news media meet the challenge?. Managing institutional crises: restoration and reform in the criminal justice system. Role identities and the operational codes of political leaders.Dynamic decisions: Experimental reactions to war, peace and terrorism. Turning points in International Negotiations: a political psychological and comparative analysis.

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