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Advances in Pacific Basin Financial Markets Vol: 6

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27 Dec 1999
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
360 pages - 162 x 242 x 28mm
Advances in Pacific Basin Financial Markets


Advances in Pacific Basin Financial Markets
Part headings and selected papers: List of contributors. Overview (T.A. Fetherston). Market Microstructure. Price parities of stocks listed on both the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange and Singapore's Clob International (D.K. Ding). Market structure and stock price behaviour in the Korean stock market (Kyung-Won Kim). The effects of price limits on overreaction and information asymmetry: evidence from the Taiwan stock market (Jie-Haun Lee). Opening prices on the ASX and the SES (A. Frino et al.). Investment Return Factors. Long-term and short-term casual relationships between dividends and stock prices in Malaysia: a time-series analysis in the spirit of Lintner's model (D.E. Allen et al.). An investigation into the performance of recommended funds: do the managed funds "approved" by research companies outperform the non-gratae? (J. Sawicki, K. Thomson). Seasonality of the covariance and correlation matrices of stock returns: Hong Kong evidence (G.Y.N. Tang). The instability of cointegrating relationships among stock indices: the case of Pacific Basin and major stock markets (T. Bos et al.). Ownership structure and corporate performance: some Chinese evidence (Yea-Mow Chen, Shang-Chi Gong). Futures and Options Analysis. Pacific Rim futures markets and their intertemporal relationships (K. Fong, R. Zurbruegg). The markets for Korean stock index futures: arbitrage opportunities and hedging effectiveness (J. Park). Short-term and long-term impact of option listing on underlying securities: Hong Kong evidence (Sangphill Kim, O.M. Rui). Intertemporal dynamic interactions between spot and futures stock markets in Japan (Shang-Wu Yu). Interest Rate and Macroeconomic Factors. The time-series properties of credit spreads: evidence from Australian dollar eurobonds (J. Batten et al.). Exposure to permanent and temporary exchange-rate shocks of industries in Thailand (A. Khanthavit).

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