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Advances in Pacific Basin Financial Markets Vol: 3

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16 May 1997
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
344 pages - 150 x 230 x 28mm
Advances in Pacific Basin Financial Markets


This is the third volume in a series which examines advances in Pacific Basin financial markets. It discusses issues such as time-varying volatility estimates in option pricing, the risk behaviour of Hong Kong firms approaching bankruptcy, and the time value of futures options in Australia.
Outlook and overview (T. Bos, T.A. Fetherston). Time-varying volatility estimates in option pricing: can superior estimates be obtained? (T.J. Brailsford, B.R. Oliver). Enhancing portfolio performance: a Bayesian approach to incorporating the CAPM into conditional asset allocation (A. Khanthavit). Price changes, trading volume and price limits (Kee-Hong Bae, Baekin Cha). Estimating the term structure of volatility in bond prices by use of Kalman filter methodology (Ramaprasad Bhar, C. Chiarella). An empirical analysis of the determinants of Australian commercial banks' loan-to-deposit ratios (S.A. Dennis, I.S. Suriawinata). Simex Nikkei futures spreads and their determinants (D.K. Ding and Beng-Soon Chong). The time value of futures options in Australia (J.W. English). No gains from dual listing in the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Zhenmin Fang). The short-run performance of initial public offers: new results using a dynamic beta model (D. Blake, A.F. Freris). Sources of return volatility: evidence from Australian ADRs (J.C.Y. How and J.S. Howe). Index futures and the covariability of its underlying constituent stocks: the case of Hong Kong (A.C.N. Kan). The effects of section change on return, volatility and liquidity in the Korean Stock Market (Kwangsoo Ko, Insup Lee). The Markowitz efficient frontiers of the Pacific-Basin capital markets with exchange rate risk (Chin W. Yang, D.B. Means, Jr. and Bwo N. Huang). Price volatility of the Nikkei Index component stocks (S. Ghon Rhee, C.J. Wang and Y. Hashimoto). Extended trading hours and market microstructure: evidence from the Thai Stock Market (R.P. Chang, S. Ghon Rhee and W. Tawarangkoon). The risk behavior of Hong Kong firms approaching bankruptcy (G.Y.N. Tang, S.K.M. Lam). Initial public offerings: the Malaysian experience 1990-1994 (Othman Yong). Common risk factor of Tokyo Stock Exchange firms: in finding the mimicking portfolios(Keiichi Kubota, Hitoshai Takehara).

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