Advances in Pacific Basin Business, Economics and Finance Vol: 7

Dr. Cheng-Few Lee
Rutgers University, USA

Dr. Min-Teh Yu
China University of Technology, Taiwan

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21 Aug 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
304 pages - 152 x 229mm
Advances in Pacific Basin Business, Economics and Finance
Advances in Pacific Basin Business, Economics and Finance is an annual publication designed to focus on interdisciplinary research in finance, economics, and management among Pacific Rim countries. All articles published are reviewed and recommended by at least two members of the editorial board. 
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following: 
1. Policy and management on financial markets and financial institutions; 
2. Options, futures and other derivatives markets; 
3. Corporate finance and investment decisions; 
4. Insurance and risk management; 
5. Accounting, auditing and taxation; 
6. Marketing, supply chain management, and business policies; 
7. Artificial intelligence and new technology in finance; 
8. Monetary and foreign exchange policy; 
9. Income, employment and education; 
10. Other economic policies among the Pacific Rim countries.
1. A Consumption Based-Evaluation of the Cat Bond Market; Stephan Dieckmann 
2. Optimal Trading and Tax Option Value of Defaultable Bonds with Asymmetric Capital Gain Taxes; Peter Huaiyu Chen, Sheen X. Liu and Chunchi Wu 
3. Empirical Analysis of Economic Policy Uncertainty and Stock Returns in Asian Markets; Thomas C. Chiang 
4. A New Perspective on the Fama-French Five-Factor Model; Hsuan-Yu Liu and Cindy S.H. Wang 
5. The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Financial Performance: Evidence from Commercial Banks in Mongolia; Amy Yueh-Fang Ho, Hsin-Yu Liang and Tumenjargal Tumurbaatar 
6. The Role of Duration and Trades in the Information Assimilation Process of the U.S. Treasury Market; Peter Huaiyu Chen, Kasing Man, Junbo Wang and Chunchi Wu
7. The Causal Factors Behind Rising Non-Performing Assets of India’s Commercial Banks: A Panel Study; T.K. Jayaraman, Chin-Yu Lee and Cheong-Fatt Ng 
8. What Makes Listed Subsidiaries Delist in Japan? A Logistic Analysis; Naoyuki Kaneda 
9. Not All Firm Entries Are Made Equal: An Exploratory Note; Chin-Yoong Wong and Yoke-Kee Eng 
10. Are Unsolicited Bank Credit Ratings Matter to Bank Leverage Decision: Evidence from Asian Countries; Yu-Jen Hsiao, Lei Qin and Yueh-Lung Lin 
11. Determinants of Bank Performance in Chile, Colombia, and Mexico; Alejandro Serrano
Cheng-Few Lee is a Distinguished Professor of Finance at Rutgers Business School, Rutgers University and was chairperson of the Department of Finance from 1988–1995. He has also served on the faculty of the University of Illinois (IBE Professor of Finance) and the University of Georgia. Professor Lee founded the Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting (RQFA) in 1990 and the Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies (RPBFMP) in 1998, and serves as managing editor for both journals. Professor Lee has also published more than 220 articles in well-known journals in finance, accounting, economics, statistics, and management.  
Min-Teh Yu is Chair Professor at National Chiao Tung University. He was President of Providence University and China University of Technology, and Dean of College of Management at Yuan Ze University and National Chiao Tung University. He received his Ph.D. from Ohio State University. His writings have appeared in Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Risk and Insurance, Journal of Financial Service Research, Journal Real Estate Economics and Finance, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, Journal of Derivatives, Journal of Futures Markets, Quantitative Finance, Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance Theory, Astin Bulletin, Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, and ANOR.

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