Advances in Pacific Basin Business, Economics and Finance Vol: 5

Cheng Few Lee
Rutgers University, USA

Min-Teh Yu
China University of Technology, Taiwan

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29 Sep 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
224 pages - 152 x 229mm
Advances in Pacific Basin Business, Economics and Finance
The 2017 APBBEF volume includes studies on financial regulations on financial institutions, research on financial markets, and issues on employment and income inequality. Regulations on insurance contracts and derivatives, bank capital standards and subordinated debt prices, and bank’s credit allocation during the financial crises are of great concern to policy makers. On the financial markets, this volume covers stock market activities and their relationship with industrial production growth and housing prices, a further equity premium puzzle, and accounting fraud and audit fees in China. This volume also includes the employment assimilation of marriage and human capital investment inequality and the rural-urban income gap in the Asia-Pacific region. Contributors to this volume include Edward J. Kane (Boston College), J. Huston McCulloch (Ohio State University), Cheng-Few Lee (Rutgers University), Thomas C. Chiang (Drexel University), Chiung-Min Tsai (Central Bank of the Republic of China), Wei-Chiao Huang (Western Michigan University), Hwei-Lin Chuang (National Tsing Hua University), Jingjing Yang (Guangdong University of Foreign Studies), Sayyed Mahdi Ziaei (Xiamen University Malaysia), Ghulam Ali Bhatti (University of Gujrat), and Min-Teh Yu (China University of Technology).
1. Insurance Contracts and Derivatives That Substitute For Them: How and Where Should Their Systemic and Nonperformance Risks Be Regulated?; Edward J. Kane
2. A Further Equity Premium Puzzle; J. Huston McCulloch
3. Credit Crunch and Saving Glut in Taiwan: Empirical Evidences; Cheng-Few Lee, Chiung-Min Tsai, and Lie-Jane Kao 
4. Stock Market Activities and Industrial Production Growth: Evidence from 20 International Markets; Thomas C. Chiang and Xiaoyu Chen
5. Bank Capital Standards and Subordinated Debt Prices; Jin-Ping Lee, Edward M.H. Lin, Min-Teh Yu, and Yang Zhao
6. Accounting Fraud, Audit Fees, and Government Intervention in China; Jingjing Yang and Hao-Chang Sung
7. The Employment Status of Marriage Immigrants in Taiwan; Hwei-Lin Chuang and Eric S. Lin
8. Human Capital Investment Inequality and Rural-Urban Income Gap: Evidence from China; Xiaojun Yang and Wei-Chiao Huang
9. An Operational Efficiency Analysis for Organizational Consolidation in the Business Operating Departments of a Case Telecom Company; Chia-Jung Tu, Yu-Ping Huang, and Tyrone T. Lin
10. Financial Market Variables and Housing Prices: Evidence of Asean+2; Sayyed Mahdi Ziaei and Ghulam Ali Bhatti

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