Advances in Management Accounting Vol: 32

Laurie L. Burney
Baylor University, USA

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28 Sep 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
200 pages - 152 x 229mm
Advances in Management Accounting
Advances in Management Accounting (AIMA) is a publication of quality applied research in management accounting. The journal’s purpose is to publish thought-provoking articles that advance knowledge in the management accounting discipline and are of interest to both academics and practitioners. As a premier management accounting research journal, AIMA is well-poised to meet the needs of management accounting scholars.

Featured in Volume 32 are articles on:

Public Sector Joint Ventures; Control; Trust; Perceived Risk; Cost Stickiness; Cost Behavior; Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Sustainability Performance; Information Asymmetry; Sustainability Disclosure; Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Asymmetric Cost Behavior; Lease Cost Stickiness; Retail Firms Cost Stickiness; Mood; Sunshine; Managerial Optimism; Asymmetric Cost Behavior; Adjustment Costs; Academic Research, Research-Practice Gap; Rigor-Relevance; Impact; Engagement; Relational Performance Measurement System; Managerial Ability; Employee Productivity; Employee Efficiency; Employee Cost; Financial Distress; Environmental Uncertainty.
Introduction; Laurie L. Burney 
Chapter 1. Understanding the Interactions between Control, Trust, and Perceived Risk in Public Sector Joint Ventures; Paula van Veen-Dirks and Anneke Giliam
Chapter 2. Is Cost Stickiness Associated with Sustainability Factors?; Joanna Golden, Mark Kohlbeck and Zabihollah Rezaee
Chapter 3. Are Operating Lease Costs Sticky for Retail Firms?; David L. Gray
Chapter 4. A Look on the Bright Side - The Real Effect of Mood on Corporate Short-Term Resource Adjustment Decisions: Research Note; Thomas R. Loy and Sven Hartlieb
Chapter 5. A Performance Measurement Approach to Defining and Measuring Research Relevance: Evidence from University Senior Management; Mary A. Malina and Basil P. Tucker
Chapter 6. Managerial Ability and Employee Productivity; Dipankar Ghosh, Xuerong (Sharon) Huang and Li Sun
Laurie L. Burney is an Associate Professor of Accounting at the Baylor University. Her research uses a behavioural approach to investigate management control systems and performance measurement. Laurie's research has been published in several journals including Accounting, Organizations and Society, Behavioral Research in Accounting, Journal of Information Systems, and Journal of Accounting and Public Policy. She serves as Editor of Advances in Management Accounting.

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