Advances in Management Accounting Vol: 30

Mary A. Malina
University of Colorado Denver, USA

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29 Jun 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
224 pages - 152 x 229mm
Advances in Management Accounting
Advances in Management Accounting (AIMA) is a publication of quality applied research in management accounting. The journal’s purpose is to publish thought-provoking articles that advance knowledge in the management accounting discipline and are of interest to both academics and practitioners. As one of the premier management accounting research journals, AIMA is well-poised to meet the needs of management accounting scholars. 
Featured in Volume 30 are articles on: Risk management and internal control: 
A study of management accounting practice; Properties of performance measurement and management systems used dialogically between parent companies and foreign subsidiaries; CEO turnover and major business restructurings; The effect of informed outside directors on investment efficiency; Proactive strategic responses to corporate sustainability pressures: A sustainability control system framework; On the interplay between strategic performance and managerial accounting.
Introduction; Mary A. Malina  
Chapter 1. Risk Management and Internal Control: A Study of Management Accounting, Practice; Regina Bento, Lasse Mertins, and Lourdes White  
Chapter 2. Properties of Performance Measurement and Management Systems Used Dialogically between Parent Companies and Foreign Subsidiaries; Lorenzo Patelli 
Chapter 3. CEO Turnover and Major Business Restructurings; Jian Cao, Hisn-yi (Shirley) Hsieh, and Mark Kohlbeck 
Chapter 4. The Effect of Informed Outside Directors on Investment Efficiency; Robert Felix 
Chapter 5. Proactive Strategic Responses to Corporate Sustainability Pressures: A Sustainability Control System Framework; Chaminda Wijethilake and Athula Ekanayake 
Chapter 6. On the Interplay between Strategic Performance and Managerial Accounting; Niran Subramaniam
Mary A. Malina is an Associate Professor of Accounting at the University of Colorado Denver. Her research interests include management control systems, performance measurement and subjectivity in performance evaluation. Her work has been published in several international journals including Contemporary Accounting Research, Journal of Management Accounting Research, Management Accounting Research and Group & Organization Management. She serves as Editor of Advances in Management Accounting.

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