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Advances in Librarianship Vol: 19

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11 Oct 1995
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
253 pages - 152 x 229 x 19mm
Advances in Librarianship
Critically acclaimed since its inception, "Advances in Librarianship" continues to be the essential reference source for developments in the field of libraries and library science. Articles published in the Series have won national prizes, such as the recent Blackwell North America Scholarship Award for the outstanding 1994 monograph, article, or original paper in the field of acquisitions, collection, development, and related areas of resource development. All areas of public, college, university, primary and secondary schools, and special libraries are given up-to-date, critical analysis by experts engaged in the practice of librarianship, in teaching, and in research. Written by professionals for professionals to find solutions to vexing questions, it is authoritative, in-depth, and concise, and the single best source for keeping up-to-date on key issues.
K.C. Lance and J.J. Boucher, Decision-Making by the Numbers: Available Data for Academic Library Managers. W.A. Gosling, M. Crist, B. Johnson, W.P. Lougee, and B.F. Warner, Cooperative Efforts in New Methods of Information Delivery: The Michigan Experience. J.H. Boelke, Quality Improvement in Libraries: Total Quality Management and Related Approaches. S.D. Creth, A Changing Profession: Central Roles for Academic Librarians. S. Braman, Alternative Conceptualizations of the Information Economy. S.A. Long, Systems, Quo Vadis? An Examination of the History, Current Status, and Future Role of Regional Library Systems. N.H. Allen and J.F. Williams, II, The Future of Technical Services: An Administrative Perspective. M.I. Gaunt, Literary Text in an Electronic Age: Implications for Library Services. J.H. Lambrecht, International Cooperation in Cataloging: Progress and Constraints. References. Subject Index.

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