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Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations Vol: 12

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04 Jul 2003
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
276 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations


This volume contains papers dealing with topics such as the effects of company unions on wages, the effects of labour market regulation on hiring standards, coalition bargaining at General Electric, cooperative labour-management partnerships in the steel industry, the union commitment of adjunct faculty, the effects of union political outreach on union members political perceptions, preferences and voting behaviour, reinterpretation of "new" labour historians differences with "old" labour historians, and newly discovered lecture notes by industrial relations scholar Sumner Slichter that detail his views on the early development of welfare capitalism in the US. These papers contain a vibrant mix of disciplinary perspectives, analytical methods, arguments and conclusions about key industrial relations topics - and do so from both contemporary and historical perspectives. The volume should be of interest to industrial relations scholars and students worldwide.
Company unions, wages, and work hours, J. Pencavel; labor market regulation and production worker hiring standards - international comparisons, K. Daniel, W.S. Siebert; capital mobility and the social accord: a critical examination of the GE coordinated bargaining committee, F. Borgers; partnerships of steel? Forging high involvement work systems in the US steel industry - a view from the local unions, S.A. Rubinstein; the union commitment of adjunct faculty, K. Pereles; shaping political preferences through workplace mobilization - unions and the 2000 election, R. Zullo, John Fitch, David Brody and the culture of management in American labor history, J. Rees; Sumner Slichter on personnel management and employee representation before the new deal, B.E. Kaufman.

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