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Advances in Human Ecology Vol: 6

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22 Sep 1997
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
336 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Advances in Human Ecology


This is the sixth volume in a series designed to publish theoretical, empirical and review papers on scientific human ecology. Human ecology is interpreted to include structural and functional changes in human social organization and sociocultural systems as these changes may be affected by, interdependent with, or identical to changes in ecosystemic, evolutionary or ethological processes, factors or mechanisms. Three degrees of scope are included in this interpretation: the adaptation of sociocultural forces to bioecological forces; the interactions, two-way adaptations, between sociocultural and bioecological forces; and the integration, or unified interactions, of sociocultural with bioecological forces.
Preface (L. Freese). Autocatakinetics, evolution, and the law of maximum entropy production: a principled foundation towards the study of human ecology (R. Swenson). The heuristics of ecological interaction (C. Dyke). Linking technology, natural resources, and socioeconomic structure of human society: a theoretical model (M. Giampietro). Linking technology, natural resources, and socioeconomic structure of human society: examples and applications (M. Giampietro et al.). Surplus and survival: risk, ruin, and luxury in the evolution of early forms of subsistence (U. Muller-Herold, R. Sieferle). Accumulation, deforestation, and world ecological degradation, 2500 BC to AD 1990 (Sing C. Chew). Dynamics and rhetorics of socio-environmental change: critical perspectives on the limits of neo-Malthusian environmentalism (P.J. Taylor, R. Garcia-Barrios). Legal reform and local environmental mobilization (A.S. Weinberg).

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