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Advances in Human Ecology Vol: 1

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01 Apr 1992
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
300 pages - 150 x 230 x 16mm
Advances in Human Ecology


This is the seventh volume in a series designed to publish theoretical, empirical and review papers on scientific human ecology. Human ecology is interpreted to include structural and functional changes in human social organization and sociocultural systems.
Preface, Lee Freese; the last ancestor - an ecological network model on the origins of human sociality, Alexandra Maryanski; the evolution of macrosociety - why are large societies rare?, Richard Machalek; separation versus unification in sociological human ecology, William R. Catton Jr; the natural ecology of human ecology, Jeffrey S. Wicken; between the atom and the void - hierarchy in human ecology, Gerald L. Young; from entropy to economy - a thorny path, C. Dyke; the ethical foundations of sustainable economic development, R. Kerry Turner and David W. Pearce; the energy consumption turnaround and socioeconomic well-being in industrial societies in the 1980s, Marvin E. Olsen.

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