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Advances in Hospitality and Leisure Vol: 2

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01 Mar 2006
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
308 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Advances in Hospitality and Leisure


"Advances in Hospitality and Leisure", a peer-review journal published annually, delivers refreshing insights of a host of scientific studies pertaining to hospitality, leisure, and tourism, while providing a forum to stimulate discussions on contemporary issues and emerging trends essential to theory advancement, as well as professional practices from a global perspective. The main focus of the series is to divulge the innovative methods of inquiry, so as to inspire new research topics that are vital and have been in large neglected. The series attempts to address the needs of the populace willing to disseminating seminal ideas, concepts and theories derived from scholarly investigations. Potential readers may retrieve useful texts helping outline new research agendas, suggest viable topics for a dissertation work, and augment the knowledge of the new subjects of learning.
A Comparative Analysis of Multicultural Involvement in Culture and Art Activities. (Sangkwon Lee, J.T. O'Leary). The Impact of Training on Interfirm Dynamics Within a Destination Quality Network: The Case of the Fuchsia Brand, Ireland. (M. Woods, J. Deegan). The Hidden Costs of Cheap Group Tours A Case Study of Business Practices in Australia. (B. Prideaux et al.). Theme Park Visitors' Dynamic Motivations. (Hsin-You Chuo, J.L. Heywood). Impacts of No-Escape Natural Disaster on Tourism: A Case Study in Taiwan. (Tzung-Cheng Huan, Chin-Fa Tsai, L.B. Shelby). Predictive Model for Repeat Visitors to Singapore. (Hui Tak-Kee, D. Wan). Swedish Hotel Service Quality and Loyalty Dimensions. (P. Schofield, N. Katics). Value Relevance of Equity, Earnings and Capital Structure in the Restaurant Industry. (A. Upneja, N. Hua). The Relationship Among Trustworthiness, Time Lapse, and Online Reservation in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. (D.Y. Chang, F. Belanger, M. Uysal). Youth Patrons' Trip Preferences and Perceptions of Accommodations in Switzerland. (C. Johnson et al.). Trends in Tourism Accommodation Investment in Australia. (M. Haque). International Visitors' Perceptions of Oklahoma. (Suosheng Wang). The Effects of Airfares and Foreign Exchange Rates on Global Tourism. (H.G. Iroegbu). Customers' Preferences to Healthy Meals. (W. Legrand, P. Sloan). An Investigation of Perceived Justices and Customer Satisfaction. (D.E. Severt).

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