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Advances in Health Care Management Vol: 2

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12 Sep 2001
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
388 pages - 156 x 234 x 22mm
Advances in Health Care Management


The papers included in this volume may be categorized loosely into four general thematic sections: theoretical perspectives on the field of health care management; the role and impact of managed care; evolution of the health professions; enhancing health care organizational performance. The three papers in the first general section deal with a range of theoretical issues related to health care management, from complexity science to a theoretical comparison of integrated networks against systems, to how health care management researchers think about the research process. The three papers in the second section address the significant challenges faced by health care managers as they attempt to respond to the increasing impact of managed care. The third section's three papers look at the evolving roles of the health professions, including those of physicians as clinicians and as executives. The four papers in the final section focus on various approaches, from total quality management to use of work groups and transformational leadership, to enhancing health care organizational performance.
Part 1 Theoretical perspectives on the field of health care management: complexity science and health care management; integration as networks and systems - a strategic stakeholder analysis; understanding the meaning of health care management research through the use of a cognitive mapping approach. Part 2 The role and impact of managed care: managed care and medical practice guidelines - the thorny problem of attaining physician compliance; managed care and drug treatment practices - a model of organizational response to external influence; the strategic importance of open access for HMOs in a competitive environment. Part 3 Evolution of the health professionals: reshaping health professionals in the new marketplace; physician executives - the evolution and impact of a hybrid profession; understanding physicians' intentions to withdraw from practice - the role of job satisfaction, job stress, mental and physical health; enhancing health care organizational performance; total quality management in health care - a goal setting approach; strategy, structure, and performance in a nursing facility; a longitudinal study of work group innovation - the importance of transformational leadership and morale; the challenge of interpreting performance in health care - a study of intensive care units in Norwegian hospitals.

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