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Advances in Group Processes Vol: 17

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31 Jul 2000
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
334 pages - 175 x 235 x 30mm
Advances in Group Processes


"Advances in Group Processes" publishes theoretical analyses, reviews, and theory-based empirical chapters on group phenomena. The series adopts a broad conception of 'group processes', including work on groups ranging from the very small to the very large, and on classic and contemporary topics such as status, power, justice, influence, decision making, intergroup relations, and social networks. This volume covers a broad section of theory and research. The first two chapters address stereotyping and discrimination, emphasizing the importance of intergroup relations in the production of seemingly intrapersonal phenomena. Themes of other chapters include: theoretical issues concerning status in task groups; aspects of power in bargaining and exchange; conflict in familial relations; the spread or transition of social phenomena; and the relations between micro-, meso-, and macro-level forces in sociological theorizing.
List of contributors. Preface (S.R. Thye et al.). Group identity and intergroup relations: the common in-group identity model (J.F. Dovidio et al.). The affective dynamics of stereotyping and intergroup relations (N.J. MacKinnon, J.W. Bowlby). The formation of status beliefs: improving status construction theory (C.L. Ridgeway). The impact of task and categorical cues on social influence: fluency and ethnic accent as cues to competence in task groups (M. Foddy, P. Riches). Strategic decision making (F.N. Stokman et al.). The normative regulation of power (M. Zelditch, H.A. Walker). Beyond the concept of value in power-dependence theory: expanding a model of the "whole actor" (J.F. Stolte). Cultural contexts and developmental processes in adolescent-parent relationships (J.G. Smetana). Contagion of stress (E. Wethington). Intergenerational justice and the environment: determining the fair use of mono basin water (K.A. Hegtvedt, P.J. Flinn). A theory of embedded encounters (J.H. Turner).

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