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Advances in Global Leadership Vol: 7

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19 Apr 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
421 pages - 156 x 234 x 41mm
Advances in Global Leadership
Volume 7 of "Advances in Global Leadership" includes timely and impactful chapters on various concepts and processes associated with leading across cultures and other boundaries. In these times of accelerating complexity and global inter-connectedness, a deeper understanding of the multiple contextual, organizational, and individual variables and processes associated effective international leadership is ever more important. This Volume, drawing on authors from many different cultures and contexts, contributes to bridging and integrating conceptual and practitioner perspectives in pursuing this deeper understanding.
List of Contributors. Preface. Introduction – Looking Back and Looking Forward. What is Leadership?. Ethical Leadership and Workplace Deviance: The Role of Moral Disengagement. Understanding Leaders’ Proactivity from a Goal-Process View and with Multisource Ratings. Team Leaders’ Emotional Intelligence, Personality, and Empowering Behavior: An Investigation of their Relations to Team Climate. The Context of Expert Global Leadership. “Some Like it Hot!”: Interpreting and Responding to Diversity Issues and Initiatives: Implications for Global Leaders. Development of the Cultural Intelligence Assessment. Personalizing Global Leader Development @ Infosys. A Cross-Cultural Perspective on Leadership Assessment: Comparing 360-Degree Feedback Results from Around the World. Similarities and Differences in Managerial Judgment Around the World. Leadership Essentials to Attract, Engage, and Retain Global Human Talent. Building the Global Competence of Asian Leaders. Developing a Global Mindset for Leaders: The Case of the Canadian Context. Understanding Leadership in China: Leadership Profiles of State-Owned Enterprises, Multinational Corporations, and Major Economic Trading Partners. Contemporary Leadership Approaches in Chinese Business. Developing Global Roles for Chinese Leadership: An ASD Theory of Organizational Change. Conclusion: Reconnecting with the Foundations to Build Global Leadership Capability. About the Editors. About the contributors. Table of Contents from Volume 1 – 6. Advances in Global Leadership. Advances in Global Leadership. Advances in Global Leadership. Copyright page.

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