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Advances in Global Leadership Vol: 4

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01 Feb 2005
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
336 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Advances in Global Leadership
The seven chapters in Part 1, of this volume, focus on the foundations of global leadership. Together, these chapters explore a broad selection of the social and psychological processes underlying effective global leadership. These authors expand ideas currently in use, and they introduce new ideas for our consideration. The seven papers in Part 2 focus on the practice of global leadership. Compared to those in Part 1, these chapters focus more on practical solutions to the problems that leaders face than the analysis of fundamental processes, although this distinction is one of degree. All the authors in Part 1 explore the practical implications of their ideas, and those in Part 2 contribute to the development of fundamental concepts. It provides analysis on the foundation of global leadership principles. It discusses practical solutions to the problems faced by today's global leaders. It offers an international representation.
PART I. Foundations of Global Leadership. Introduction: Conceptual Perspectives (E. Weldon); Culture and Leadership: a Connectionist Information Processing Model(P.J. Hanges, P. W. Dorfman, G. Shteynber and A. L. Bates III); Emotionalizing Leadership in a Cross-cultural Context (B. Schyns and J. R. Meindl); Strategic Versus Diffusion Perspectives of Organizational Culture: Implications for Employee Commitment and Extra Role Behavior in the Chinese Context (C. Zhong, H. Wang, A. Tsui, J. Farh and B. Cheng);Reframing Global Mindset: From Thinking to Acting (V. Pucik); Getting More than you Expect: Global Leader Initiative to Span Structural Holes and rRputational Effectiveness (S. A. and L. Van Dyne); Global Leaders as Experts (J. Osland and A. Bird); Globalization: The Basic Principles of Leadership are Universal and Timeless (D. P. Campbell). PART II. Leading Globally. Introduction (E. Weldon); Ethical Standards and Global Leadership (A. Morrison);The Mindset of Global Leaders: Inquisitiveness and Duality (J. S. Black); Building Global Competitiveness in a Turbulent Environment: Acers journey of Transformation. (S.Shih, J. T. Wang and A. Yeung); Are You Ready to Lead Global Learning? (X. Gilbert and P. Lorange); Leadership Development Without Borders (N. Sendelbach and M.R. McGrath); The Agile Leader: Conditions for Succeeding in China (J. A. Fernandez); Positivity in the Middle East: Developing Hope in Egyptian Organizational Leaders (C. M. Youssef and F. Luthans); Conclusions (W. H. Mobley and E. Weldon).

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