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Advances in Global Leadership Vol: 3

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10 Apr 2003
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
424 pages - 156 x 234 x 23mm
Advances in Global Leadership
The global shortage of effective business leaders makes urgent the search for new insights about the nature of global leadership and the best means of developing such leaders. This text is a response to this urgent need. The rapid globalization of the economy places business leaders in new and demanding international settings and requires them to work across cultures. Volume 3 of "Advances in Global Leadership" presents original papers on the psychology of global leadership and the development of international and global leaders. Chapters are authored by academics, business leaders and consultants throughout the world who bring their various insights into global leadership.
Part 1 Foundations of global leadership: introduction, P.W. Dorfman; strategic leadership in global business organizations - building trust and social capital, M.A. Hitt et al; issue leadership theory and its implications to global settings, K. Baik; global talentship - toward a decision science connecting talent to strategic business success, J.W. Boudreau et al; competence not competencies, G.P. Hollenbeck, M.W. McCall, Jr. Part 2 Cross cultural perspectives: introduction, P.W. Dorfman; influence tactics across 12 cultures, J.C. Kennedy et al; cultural adaptability and leading across cultures, J.J. Deal et al; leaders' sources of guidance and the challenge of working across cultures, P.B. Smith; the Chinese leadership theory, Wenquan Ling, Liluo Fang; corporate culture and organizational effectiveness - is there a similar pattern around the world?, D.R. Denison et al. Part 3 Processes, practice and developing global leaders: introduction, W.H. Mobley; strategic management of global leadership talent, E.B. Sloan et al; creating and sustaining balance in global businesses - a practitioner view, J. Hofmeister, S. Parker; influence at a distance: leadership in global virtual teams, D.D. Davis, J. Bryant; developing global managers - integrating theory, behavior, data and performance, J.J. Distefano, M.L. Maznevski; leadership development in Asia - a personal view, L.E. Laddin.

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