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Advances in Environmental Accounting and Management Vol: 1

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20 Dec 2000
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
244 pages - 156 x 234 x 14mm
Advances in Environmental Accounting & Management


Advances in Environmental Accounting & Management aims to advance knowledge of the governance and management of corporate environmental impacts and the accounting for these, including issues related to measurement, valuation, and disclosure. It also aims to increase the awareness of management, accounting practitioners, investors and other stakeholders of the financial and social consequences of corporate environmental impacts, encouraging greater environmental accountability and responsibility. 

Researchers and practitioners are encouraged to submit papers on any social and environmental issue, based on theoretical and empirical research, conceptual arguments and descriptive models. 

Coverage includes, but is not limited to the following issues:
  • Environmental accounting including, for instance, issues related to the measurement and valuation of environmental costs and liabilities. 
  • Accountability for environmental issues such as climate change, water scarcity and biodiversity. 
  • Social/Environmental/Sustainability disclosures, reporting and assurance. 
  • Environmental management and control systems. 
  • Social and ethical investing.
List of Contributors. Ad Hoc Reviewers. Editorial (M. Freedman, B. Jaggi). Environmental accounting, managerialism, and sustainability: is this planet safe in the hands of business and accounting? (R. Gray, J. Bebbington). A multi-case investigation of environmental legitimation in annual reports (A. Savage et al.). The environment and the accountant as an ethical actor (M.A. Reynolds, M.R. Mathews). Changing superfund disclosure and its relation to the provision of other environmental information (D. Patten). An examination of the relevance of ISO 14000 Environmental Standards: a survey of US corporations (Z. Rezaee, J. Szendi). Do environmental disclosures in US annual reports differ by environmental peformance? (S. Hughes et al.). Determinants of social responsibility disclosure of US fortune 500 firms: an application of content analysis (F. Alnajjar). Disclosure of environmental information by Canadian manufacturing companies: a voluntary disclosure perspective (K. Bewley, Yiu Li).

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