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Advances in Austrian Economics Vol: 3

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31 May 1996
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
260 pages - 156 x 234 x 15mm
Advances in Austrian Economics


This third volume in the series is divided into four parts. The first presents a symposium on models of socialism, the second present current research, the third, review essays, and the fourth, book reviews.
Part 1 Symposium on models of socialism: after the fall - an introduction to the symposium on models of socialism, Peter J. Boettke and David L. Prychitko; the critique of workers' self-management - Austrian perspectives and economic theory, David L. Prychitko; the Austrians and self-management - a positive essay, Jaroslav Vanek; the monitoring problems for market socialist firms, N. Scott Arnold; money, money prices and the socialist calculation debate, Steven Horwitz; market process perspectives on post-communist economies, Laurence S. Moss. Part 2 Current research: the Coase theorem and strategic bargaining, Donald Boudreaux; time, change and complexity - Ludwig M. Lachmann's contributions to the theory of capital, Peter Lewin. Part 3 Review essays: Chinese reforms - a review essay, Susan L. Shirk; the political logic of economic reform in China, T. David Burns and Kate Xiao Zhou; signifying nothing - a review essay, Jospeh Stiglitz; whither socialism?, Steven Sullivan; truth seeking and rent-seeking - a review essay, Lars Magnusson; mercantilism - the shaping of an economic language, Gary M. Anderson; uniqueness, complementarity and tension - a review essay, Israel M. Kirzner; classics in Austrian economics, Mario J. Rizzo; post-Marshallian and Austrian economics, Nicolai J. Foss. Part 4 Book reviews: M. Dietrich, "Transaction Cost and Beyond", David Harper; Steven G. Medema, "Ronald H. Coase", Donald J. Boudreaux; Raimondo Cubeddu, "The Philosophy of the Austrian School", Roger Koppl; Peter J. Boettke, Editor, "The Elgar Companion to Austrian Economics", Theodore A. Burczak.

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