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Advances in Accounting Education: Teaching and Curriculum Innovations Vol: 13

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03 Sep 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
500 pages - 156 x 234 x 43mm
Advances in Accounting Education


Advances in Accounting Education is a refereed, academic research annual whose purpose is to help meet the needs of faculty members interested in ways to improve accounting classroom instruction at the college and university level. We publish thoughtful, well-developed articles that are readable, relevant, and reliable. Articles may be either empirical or non-empirical, and should emphasize pedagogy, i.e., explaining how faculty members can improve their teaching methods or how accounting units can improve their curricula/programs. In this volume, a special section addressing the impact of international financial reporting standards (IFRS) on accounting education features pedagogical research designed to contribute to more effective teaching of IFRS related content.
List of Contributors. CALL FOR PAPERS. EDITORIAL REVIEW BOARD. The First Course in Accounting: An Assessment Program Based on Student Learning Outcomes and Alternative Pedagogies. A Supplementary Evening Program for Students in the Introductory Financial Accounting Course. Clean Books: Integrating Managerial Accounting Concepts into a Chemistry Course. Greek Students’ Perceptions of an Introductory Accounting Course and the Accounting Profession. Anti-Intellectualism, Tolerance for Ambiguity and Locus of Control: Impact on Performance in Accounting Education. Identifying Sources of Evidence used to Assess Faculty Teaching Performance. Corporate Governance and Ethics Education: Viewpoints from Accounting Academicians and Practitioners. Bringing the “Real, Global World” into the Classroom. Exercise-Based Video Podcasts as a Learning Aid for Introductory Financial Accounting Students. Practicing Accountants’ Views of the Content of Accounting Ethics Courses and Course Effects on Attitudes and Behavior. Enhancing Functional and Other Competencies Through Role-Playing in an Entity Tax Course. Support Department Cost Allocations with a Matrix-Based Reciprocal Approach. Student Performance in their First Postsecondary Accounting Course: Does High School Accounting Matter?. IFRS Exercises Through the Curriculum: Helping Students put US GAAP and IFRS in Context. IFRS in Introductory Financial Accounting using an Integrated, Comparison-Based Approach. International Accounting Convergence: A Writing Assignment. The IFRS Question: To Adopt or Not?. Teaching IFRS with Online Videos and Webcasts: Resources, Analysis and Guidance. Advances in accounting education: teaching and curriculum innovations. Advances in accounting education: teaching and curriculum innovations. Advances in accounting education: teaching and curriculum innovations. Copyright page. WRITING GUIDELINES. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE.

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