Advanced Modeling for Transit Operations and Service Planning

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26 Nov 2002
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
356 pages - 156 x 234 x 20mm


In this title, experts in public transport address the current problem of improving public transit systems by taking advantage of new technologies and advanced modelling techniques. The key areas open to improvement are service planning and operations management.
Initial planning for urban transit systems; S.C. Wirasinghe
Public transport timetabling and vehicle scheduling; A. Ceder
Designing public transport network and routes; A. Ceder 
Transit path choice and assignment model approaches; A. Nuzzolo
Schedule-based transit assignment models; A. Nuzzolo
Frequency based transit route choice models; M. Florian 
Capacity constrained transit assignment models and reliability analysis; M.G.H. Bell 
Dynasmart-IP - dynamic traffic assignment meso-simulator for intermodal networks; H.S. Mahmassani & K.F. Abdelghany
Modeling competitive multi-modal services; H.K. Lo et al.
Modeling urban taxi services - a literature survey and an analytical example; Hai Yang et al.
The estimation of origin-destination matrices in transit networks; S. C. Wong & C.O. Tong 
Models for optimizing transit fares; Jing Zhou & W.H.K. Lam

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