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Accountability and Social Responsibility: International Perspectives Vol: 9

David Crowther
De Montfort University, UK

Linne Lauesen
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

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20 Jul 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
272 pages - 152 x 229mm
Developments in Corporate Governance and Responsibility
Probably since the mid-1980s, corporate governance has attracted a great deal of attention from corporate managers and investors’ protection has become a much more important issue for all financial markets after recent firm failures and scandals. Especially important for all with an interest in how organizational governance is formed around socially responsible and accountable ways of leadership and management, this book provides new insights into various issues regarding business management and governance, and points to ways for businesses to make a real change for the betterment of the world, especially in the aftermath of the recent financial crisis 2007/2008.
PART I: ISSUES OF GOVERNANCE Organisational Governance and Strategic CSR to Strengthen Local Supply Chains - Navigating the Maze - Veronica Broomes The Governance of Sustainable Development - David Crowther and Shahla Seifi The Role of the (Governance of The) Arts in Cultural Sustainability: A Case Study of Music - Linne Marie Lauesen Organisational Governance and Accountability: Do We Have Anything to Learn from Studying African Traditional Societies? - Miriam Green Microfinance Performance in Financial Markets: The Case of Microfinance Investment Vehicles - Erwan Le Saout and LaˆMa Daher PART II: ACCOUNTABILITY IN ACTION CSR Practices in Leading Indian Banks - Abhishek Gon and Cristina Mititelu Reorganisation Problems of the Auditing Firms in the Post-Sarbanes Oxley Era: Quality Concern and Turkey - Iffet Kesimli Stakeholder Dissonance: Corporate Social Responsibility Versus Regulation - A Study of a Trust-Recovery Process - Linne Marie Lauesen 140 Characters for CSR Communication: An Exploration of Twitter Engagement of Fortune Companies - Lina M. Gomez and Lucely Vargas-Preciado Corporate Social Responsibility Patterns of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Industries’ Consumers: How to Improve the Situation in Sub-Saharan Africa - Nini Brenda Sulamoyo Conclusion: The Way Forward
Edited by David Crowther, De Montfort University, UK Linne Marie Lauesen, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

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