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Academic Freedom: Autonomy, Challenges and Conformation

Robert Ceglie
Queens University of Charlotte, USA

Sherwood Thompson
Eastern Kentucky University, USA

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16 Apr 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
232 pages - 152 x 229mm
Framed in the context of a world in which academic freedom is often jeopardized, or criticized by outside social forces, Academic Freedom: Autonomy, Challenges and Conformation sets out to echo the voices of faculty who have encountered challenges to academic freedom within their personal and professional careers. 

Including chapters which range from showcasing specific experiences within particular disciplines, to providing broad historical or philosophical perspectives, this edited collection provides an authentic account of how academic freedom has helped and hindered the academic profession, scholarship, and teaching. Revealing one-on-one interactions which shed light on the views of individual educators, this book shifts focus onto the day-to-day ramifications of limited academic freedom. Faculty members recollect occasions where they have experienced a challenge to their ability to exchange ideas and concepts freely in the classroom, to explore and disseminate new knowledge, and to speak professionally and privately on topics in their field of expertise without being under duress. 

Offering up a finely curated collection of chapters, editors Ceglie and Thompson allow readers to understand the dynamic between academic freedom and professional responsibilities, and also open up an opportunity to discuss challenges to academic freedom and the potential loss of autonomy in higher education in the United States and beyond.
Part 1. Faculty and Students Striving and Surviving the Academic Freedom Challenge 
Chapter 1. The Unique Intersect between Classroom Academic Freedom, Political Advocacy, and First Amendment Rights: A Legal and Case Study Analysis; Dixie Abernathy 
Chapter 2. Academic Freedom in Classroom Discussions; Antija Allen, Jason L. James, Jr. and Anthony G. James
Chapter 3. Using Academic Freedom to Push Boundaries in Teacher Preparation; Amy W. Thornburg, Jennifer Collins
Chapter 4. Foreignness as a Legitimate Dimension of Difference; Eleni Oikonomidoy 
Chapter 5. Academic Freedom in the Online K-12 Classroom: Blurry Boundaries; Ginger C. Black , Patrice Petroff 
Chapter 6. Academic Freedom and Open Educational Resources: A Case for Textbook Affordability; Dwight C. Watson and Kate Borowske 
Chapter 7. Academic Freedom in Science Disciplines; Robert Ceglie 
Part 2. Impact Institutions and Governance Bodies Have on Academic Freedom 
Chapter 8. The Status of Academic Freedom in Cameroon; Nelson N. Ngoh 
Chapter 9. Academic Freedom and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Without Speech Codes: A Deweyan Perspective; Zachary Hopper and Suzanne Rice 
Chapter 10. Repressive Tolerance Revamped? The Illiberal Embrace of Academic Freedom; Andrew Ross 
Chapter 11. Whatever Happened to Professorial Prestige in the Academy? Where is the Academic Freedom and the Shared Governance? A Series of Solutions to Begin to Reclaim Academic Professorial Prestige; Philliph Masila Mutisya, James E. Osler II and Larry D. Williams 
Chapter 12. Radical Leadership and Creativity: Race, Gender and Academic Freedom; Janaka B. Lewis 
Chapter 13. Intellectual Freedom, Academic Freedom, and Social Justice; Bev-Freda L. Jackson
Robert Ceglie is Associate Professor of Education at Queens University of Charlotte, USA. His research focuses on under-representation of women and minorities, the achievement gaps in science and math, and persistence and retention of students entering STEM majors. 

Sherwood Thompson was Professor and interim Chief Diversity Officer at Eastern Kentucky University, USA. Dr Thompson attained distinction through a productive career, and directing campus-wide diversity programs at several universities.

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