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A focussed Issue on Competence Perspectives on New Industry Dynamics Vol: 6

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05 Oct 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
267 pages - 156 x 234 x 18mm
Research in Competence-Based Management
The papers in volume 6 of Research in Competence-Based Management identify, elaborate theoretically, and investigate empirically a number of new kinds of dynamics in industries and product markets. In so doing, the papers develop some important new competence perspectives on both traditional and contemporary industry dynamics. Most approaches to developing competence theory have adopted an "inside-out" approach, i.e. micro-level analyses of sources of organizational competence lead to theory that predicts industry-level interactions and outcomes. The papers in this volume, however, largely adopt an "outside-in" approach to theory development that suggests how further understanding of firm-level competences may be enabled through macro-level analyses of the resources and capabilities organizations must develop to participate in new kinds of industry and product-market dynamics.
List of Contributors. Introduction to the Focused Issue on New Industry Dynamics. Architecting Organizations: A Dynamic Strategic Contingency Perspective. How Pre-Market Activities Shape “Competitive Context”: The Cases of Automotive Electronics and Battery-Powered Electric Vehicles (BEV). Enhancing Competences in Business Ecosystems. Exploring Micro-Foundations of Dynamic Capabilities: Insights from a Case Study in the Engineering Sector. Toward a Dynamic, Systemic, and Holistic Theory for Strategic Value Creation in ICT-Based Services. Does Value Leverage Pay off? A Model for Measuring Value-Leverage Capabilities in Automotive Large-Scale System Integrators. Industry Segment Effects and Firm Effects on Firm Performance in Single Industry Firms. A Focused Issue on Competence Perspectives on New Industry Dynamics. Research in competence-based management. Research in competence-based management. Copyright page.

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