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A Focused Issue on Identifying, Building and Linking Competences Vol: 5

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26 May 2010
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
272 pages - 152 x 229 x 25mm
Research in Competence-Based Management
The papers in this volume explore key challenges in identifying, building, and linking competences within and between organizations. The first paper describes a facilitated process through which managers may identify an organization's current competences and assess which of its capabilities may constitute the 'core' of its distinctive competences. Subsequent papers elaborate basic issues in building organizational competence, including balancing the exploration of new competences and the exploitation of current competences, creating strategic options through competence building, linking the capabilities of alliance partners to target and build new competences, using product architectures in building and maintaining competences, the recursive nature of competence building processes, and the nature and role of management processes in competence building. A final paper analyzes the intellectual structure of and influences within the competence-based management perspective.
List of Contributors. Introduction: identifying, building, and linking competences. Competences, distinctive competences, and core competences. Managing the interaction of exploration and exploitation: Ambidexterity as a high-order dynamic capability. The factors affecting the relationship between strategic options and the competence building process: an empirical examination. The coevolution of alliances and industries: How industry transformation influences alliance formation and vice versa. The role of distributed competences for standard-setting communities: the case of industrial automation. Challenges for differentiators combining modularization and competence renewal. Recursive advancement of competence-based business management and its conceptual modeling. An expanded view of “management processes” in the systems view of organizations. The intellectual structure of the competence-based management. Research in competence-based management. A Focused Issue on Identifying, Building, and Linking Competences. Copyright page.

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