A Brief History of Credit in UK Higher Education: Laying Siege to the Ivory Tower

Wayne Turnbull
Liverpool John Moores University, UK

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12 Mar 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
168 pages - 129 x 198mm
Great Debates in Higher Education


Although credit is a well-established feature of the higher education sector in the USA, it is a relatively recent and radical phenomenon in the UK. Credit is a vehicle for widening access and student choice, for curricular flexibility and mobility of learning. Credit provides a transparent, enabling framework within which students can be supported and sustained through their learning journey. Yet much of the conservative 'university establishment' in the UK university sector has been hostile to the credit project, hence credit in the UK is both championed and condemned, celebrated and feared, embedded and rejected in different settings.

This book provides an introductory overview of credit, chronological chapters which trace the narrative of the history of credit in the UK higher education (decade by decade) from the ground-breaking Robbins Report of 1963 to the present day and a commentary on the developments of the past half-century. Everyone involved, or with an interest, in Higher Education should read this book, including educators (curriculum developers, tutors, assessors) and administrators, institutional leaders and student advisors. Debates about the focus, funding and future of the UK university sector is at the forefront of political and educational discourse; this book could not be more timely. Furthermore, there are no comparable books in the market. This is the first history of credit in the UK HE sector.
Chapter 1. Credit, by way of Introduction
Chapter 2. The Robbins Report and the Credit Pioneers 
Chapter 3. Educational Credit Transfer. 
Chapter 4. The Introduction of Credit Schemes in UK Higher Education
Case Study. The Liverpool Polytechnic's Integrated Credit Scheme.
Chapter 5. Choosing to Change?
Chapter 6. Autodidacts in Anorkas: The Emergence of the Higher Education Credit Consortia 
Chapter 7. Are we there yet? Dearing, Burgess and the Credit Issues Development Group 
Chapter 8. The chimera of a national credit framework and related observations
Wayne Turnbull is a historian with over a quarter of a century of experience in the UK university sector. He is a Director of the Northern Universities Consortium in the UK, which funded the research underpinning the book. He is a respected authority on education policy, author of reports, scholarly articles & opinion pieces and an advisor to a range of UKHE sector bodies.

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