Choice Modelling: The State-of-the-art and the State-of-practice - Proceedings from the Inaugural International Choice Modelling Conference

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15 Jan 2010
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
500 pages - 165 x 240 x 41mm


This book contains a selection of the best theoretical and applied papers from the inaugural International Choice Modelling Conference. The conference was organised by the Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds and held in Harrogate, North Yorkshire on 30 March to 1 April 2009. The conference brought together leading researchers and practitioners from across the many different areas in which choice modelling is a key technique for understanding behaviour and evaluating policy. The diversity of the field was reflected in presentations by both academics and practitioners, coming from six continents and a variety of fields including transport and economics. Key contributions include papers from Professor Daniel McFadden, from the University of California, Berkeley - Nobel Prize laureate in Economics and chief architect of random utility modelling. The conference also included keynote presentations by five other leading choice modellers, namely Professor Moshe Ben-Akiva, Professor Chandra Bhat, Professor Michel Bierlaire, Professor David Hensher, and Professor Riccardo Scarpa.
PART I: Guest Speaker Papers 
1. Sociality, Rationality, and the Ecology of Choice - Daniel McFadden  
2. Planning and Action in a Model of Choice - Moshe Ben-Akiva 
3. Attribute Processing, Heuristics, and Preference Construction in Choice Analysis - David Hensher 
4. The Multiple Discrete-Continuous Extreme Value (MDCEV) Model: Formulation and Applications - Chandra R. Bhat & Naveen Eluru  
5. Capturing Human Perception of Facial Expressions by Discrete Choice Modelling - Matteo Sorci,Thomas Robin, Javier Cruz, Michel Bierlaire, J.-P. Thiran and Gianluca Antonini 
Part II: Data Collection 
6. Serial Choice Conjoint Analysis for Estimating Discrete Choice Models - Michiel C.J. Bliemer and John M. Rose 
7. Observed Efficiency of a D-Optimal Design in an Interactive Agency Choice Experiment - Sean M. Puckett and John M. Rose 
8. Effects of Stated Choice Design Dimensions on Model Estimates - Phani Kumar Chintakayala, Stephane Hess, John M. Rose and Mark Wardman 
9. Stated Choice Experimental Designs for Scheduling Models - Paul Koster and Yin-Yen Tseng 
Part III: Concepts & Methodology 
10. Systematically Heterogeneous Covariance in Network GEV Models - Jeffrey P. Newman 
11. On Estimation of Hybrid Choice Models - Denis Bolduc and Ricardo Alvarez-Daziano 
12. A Model of Travel Happiness and Mode Switching - Maya Abou-Zeid and Moshe Ben-Akiva 
13. On Path Generation Algorithms for Route Choice Models - Emma Frejinger and Michel Bierlaire 
Part IV: Endogeneity and Heterogeneity 
14. Mode Choice Endogeneity in Value of Travel Time Estimation - Stefan L. Mabit and Mogens Fosgerau 
15. Accommodating Coefficient Outliers in Discrete Choice Modelling: A Comparison of Discrete and Continuous Mixing Approaches - Danny Campbell, Stephane Hess, Riccardo Scarpa and John M. Rose 
16. Addressing Endogeneity in Discrete Choice Models: Assessing Control-Function and Latent-Variable Methods - Cristian Angelo Guevara and Moshe Ben-Akiva 
17. Latent Class and Mixed Logit Models with Endogenous Choice Set Formation Based on Compensatory Screening Rules - Matthieu de Lapparent 
Part V: Transport Matters 
18. Transport Welfare Benefits in the Presence of an Income Effect - James Laird 
19. Which Commuters will Car Share? An Examination of Alternative Approaches to Identifying Market Segments - Jon Crockett, Gerard Andrew Whelan, Caroline Louise Sinclair and Hugh Gillies 
20. Modelling Choice in a Changing Environment: Assessing the Shock Effects of a New Transport System - Maria Francisca Yanez and Juan de Dios Ortuzar 
21. What do We Really Know About Travellers' Response to Unreliability? - Yaron Hollander  
Part VI: Beyond Transport 
22. Optimizing Product Portfolios Using Discrete Choice Modeling and TURF - Thomas J. Adler, Colin Smith and Jeffrey Dumont 
23. Preference Stability: Modelling how Consumer Preferences Shift after Receiving New Product Information - Harmen Oppewal, Mark Morrison, Paul Wang and David Waller 
24. Investigating Willingness to Pay -Willingness to Accept Asymmetry in Choice Experiments - Bruno Lanz, Allan Provins, Ian J. Bateman, Riccardo Scarpa, Ken Willis and Ece Ozdermiroglu 
25. Clustering Ranked Preference Data Using Sociodemographic Covariates - Isobel Claire Gormley and Thomas Brendan Murphy 
26. Continuous versus Discrete Representation of Investing Firm Heterogeneity in Modelling FDI Location Decisions - Simona Rasciute and Eric J. Pentecost 
27. Development of Integrated Choice and Latent Variable (ICLV) Models for the Residential Relocation Decision in Island Areas - Eleni Kitrinou, Amalia Polydoropoulou and Denis Bolduc

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