Transport Survey Methods: Keeping Up with a Changing World

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02 Nov 2009
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
659 pages - 165 x 240 x 37mm


This book is a new chapter in a continuing international collaboration on transportation survey methods. It identifies new challenges to the world community of transport survey specialists as well as the larger constituency of practitioners, planners, and decision-makers that it serves and provides potential solutions and recommendations for addressing them. The book is structured around an introduction and five overlapping themes of major contemporary importance to the development of data collection on both passenger travel and freight movements which are: Sustainability and User Adaptation; Global Social Issues; Freight and Transit Planning; Technology applications; and, Emerging/Persistent Survey Issues, including Data Harmonization".
I. Introduction 1.Keeping Up with a Changing World: Challenges in the Design of Transport Survey; Methods Patrick Bonnel, Martin Lee-Gosselin, Jean-Loup Madre, and Johanna Zmud. 2.The Travel Survey Toolkit: Where to From Here?, Peter Stopher. II. Sustainability and Traveller Adaptation 3. What Is So Special about Surveys Designed to Investigate the Environmental Sustainability of Travel Behaviour? Peter Bonsall. 4. Evolving Behaviour in the Context of Interest in Environmental Sustainability: Synthesis of a Workshop, Mark Bradly. 5. Myths, (Mis)perceptions and Reality in Measuring Voluntary Behaviour Change, Werner Brog and Ian Ker. 6. Surveys for Behavioural Experiments: Synthesis of a Workshop, Peter Jones, Regine Gerike and Giorgia Servente. III. Global Social Issues 7. Surveying Hard-to-Reach Groups, Benoit Riandey and Martine Quaglia. 8. The Challenges of Surveying 'Hard to Reach' Groups: Synthesis of a Workshop, Roger Behrens, Mark Freedman and Nancy McGuckin. 9. Emerging Methods and Technologies for Tracking Physical Activity in the Built Environment, Sean T. Doherty. 10. Physical Activity in the Built Environment: Synthesis of a Workshop, Kelly J. Clifton. 11. Acquiring Data on Travel Behaviour During Emergencies and Exceptional Events, Earl J. Baker. 12. Capturing Travel Behaviour during Exceptional Events: Synthesis of a Workshop, Chester Wilmot and Matthieu de Lapparant. 13. Tourist Flows and Inflows: On Measuring Instruments and the Geomathematics of Flows, Christophe Terrier. 14. Surveys of Tourists and Transients: Synthesis of a Workshop, Carlos H. Arce and Alan Pisarski; IV. Freight and Transit Planning 15. How to Improve the Capture of Urban Goods Movement Data?, Daniele Patier and Jean-Louis Routhier. 16. Surveys on Urban Freight Transport: Synthesis of a Workshop, Matthew Roorda, Arnim H. Meyburg, and Michael Browne. 17. The Collection of Long-Distance Road Freight Data in Europe, Alan McKinnon and Jacques Leonardi. 18. The Acquisition of Long-Distance Freight Data: Synthesis of a Workshop, Kara Kockelman, Michael Browne and Jacques Leonardi. 19. Identifying and Reconciling the Data Needs of Public Transit Planning, Marketing and Performance Measurement, Gerd Sammer. 20. Data for Public Transit Planning, Marketing and Model Development: Synthesis of a Workshop' Orlando Strambi, Martin Trepanier and Linda Cherrington. V. Technology Applications 21. Collecting and Processing Data from Mobile Technologies, Peter R. Stopher. 22. Mobile Technologies: Synthesis of a Workshop, Jean Wolf. 23. What is Different About Non-response in GPS-Aided Surveys? Stacey Bricka. 24. Nonresponse Challenges in GPS-Based Surveys: Synthesis of a Workshop, Heather Contrino. 25. Electronic Instrument Design and User Interfaces for Activity-Based Modeling, H.J.P. Timmermans and E. Hato. 26. Electronic Instrument Design and User Interfaces: Synthesis of a Workshop, Elaine Murakami, Sharon O'Connor and Jane Gould. 27. Visualize This: Opportunities and Challenges for the Travel Survey Community, Catherine Lawson. 28. Data Visualization Techniques: Synthesis of a Workshop, Michael Manore and Stephan Krygsman. VI. Emerging/Persistent Survey Issues and Data Harmonisation 29. Large-Scale Ongoing Mobility Surveys: The State of Practice' Elizabeth S. Ampt, Juan de Dios Ortuzar and Anthony J. Richardson. 30. Moving from Cross-Sectional to Continuous Surveying: Synthesis of a Workshop, Dirk Zumkeller and Peter Ottmann. 31. Moving Towards Continuous Collection of Large-Scale Mobility Surveys: Are There Compelling Reasons? A Discussant Response, Tim Raimond. 32. Vehicle-Based Surveys: Toward More Accurate and Reliable Data Collection Methods, Dominika Kalinowska and Jean-Loup Madre. 33. Vehicle-Based Surveys: Synthesis of a Workshop, Klaas van Zyl, Dominika Kalinowska, Jean-Loup Madre and Bob Leore. 34. Survey Mode Integration and Data Fusion: Methods and Challenges' Caroline Bayart, Patrick Bonnel and Catherine Morency. 35. Best Practices in Data Fusion: Synthesis of a Workshop, John W. Polak and Eric Cornelis. 36. Lessons from an Overview of National Transport Surveys, from Working Group 3 of COST 355: "Changing Behavior Toward a More Sustainable Transport System", Jimmy Armoogum, Kay W. Axhausen and Jean-Loup Madre.

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