Corporate Fraud Exposed: A Comprehensive and Holistic Approach

H. Kent Baker
Kogod School of Business, American University, USA

Lynnette Purda
Queen's University, Canada

Samir Saadi
University of Ottawa, Canada

Product Details
09 Oct 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
528 pages - 152 x 229mm
After each major corporate scandal, new suggestions for combatting fraud emerge from regulators and industry professionals. Despite changes to guidelines for firms’ corporate governance, augmented protection for whistle blowers, and enhanced cybersecurity measures, evidence documents an alarming increase in the prevalence and severity of corporate fraud. The rapidly changing laws aimed at curbing corporate fraud sometimes lag behind the changing sophistication of fraud schemes. 

Corporate Fraud Exposed discusses the motivations and drivers of fraud including agency theory, executive compensation, and organizational culture. It examines fraud’s consequences for various firm stakeholders and its spillover effects to other corporations, the political environment, and financial market participants, including those who participate via crowdfunding platforms.  

This book provides a fresh look at this intriguing but often complex subject. It skillfully blends the contributions of a global array of scholars and practitioners into a single review of some of the most important topics in this area. Given its broad scope, this practical and comprehensive title should be of interest to anyone curious about corporate fraud.
Section 1: Nature of Fraud
Chapter 1. Corporate Fraud Exposed: An Overview; H. Kent Baker, Lynnette Purda, and Samir Saadi
Chapter 2. Types of Corporate Fraud; Halil Kiymaz
Chapter 3. How Fraud Offenders Rationalize Financial Crime; Iva Charlopova, Paul Andon, and Clinton Free
Chapter 4. Accounting Principles and Corporate Fraud; Kirsten L. Anderson
Section 2: Causes and Determinants of Corporate Fraud
Chapter 5. Corporate Culture and Fraud; Ellie Chapple, Kathleen Walsh, and Yun Shen
Chapter 6. Corporate Governance and Fraud; Ali C. Akyol
Chapter 7. National Culture, Legal Environment, and Fraud; Chen Liu, Serena Shuo Wu
Chapter 8. Agency Theory and Fraud; Chiraz Ben Ali
Chapter 9. Executive Influence and Fraud; Philip R. Jones, Joseph Monts, and Andrew C. Spieler
Section 3: Consequences of Corporate Fraud
Chapter 10. Corporate Political Connections and Corruption; Matthew Boland
Chapter 11. The Spillover Impact of Corporate Fraud on Peer Firms; Tashfeen Hussain
Chapter 12. Crowdfunding Without Crowd-fooling: Prevention is Better Than Cure; Sondes Mbarek and Donia Trabelsi
Section 4: Corporate Fraud Detection and Prevention
Chapter 13. Corporate Whistleblowing: Towards a Regulatory Approach; Anita Anand
Chapter 14. Forensic Accounting and Fraud Deterrence; Casey D. Evans
Chapter 15. Cyber Security and Corporate Fraud; James K. Hayes
Chapter 16. Law Enforcement Agencies and Corporate Fraud; Robert A. Warren and Michael Pakaluk
Chapter 17. Financial Statement Fraud: Motivation, Methods, and Detection; S. David Young
Section 5: Corporate Fraud in Practice
Chapter 18. Accounting Scandals: Enron, Worldcom, and Global Crossing; Steven Petra and Andrew C. Spieler
Chapter 19. Panama Papers and the Abuse of Shell Entities; Carl Pacini and Nicole Forbes Stowell
Chapter 20. Stock Option Manipulations; Haifa Amairi, Boushra El Haj Hassan, and Janelle Mann
Chapter 21. Satyam Scandal; Yan Luo and Linying Zhou
Chapter 22. Corporate Fraud: The Cases of Barings Bank, Volkswagen, and HIH Insurance; Sayan Sarkar and Andrew C. Spieler
Section 6: Future Research Issues
Chapter 23. Corporate Fraud: Avenues of Future Research; Nadia Smaili, Julien Le Maux, and Walid Ben Amar

H. Kent Baker is University Professor of Finance at the Kogod School of Business, American University. He is an award winning author/editor of 37 books and more than 300 articles and publications. 

Lynnette Purda is Professor and RBC Fellow of Finance at the Smith School of Business, Queen’s University. Her research examines corporate fraud and governance through the lenses of finance, law, and accounting. 

Samir Saadi is an Associate Professor and Ian Telfer Fellow in Behavioral Finance at the Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa. He is an Affiliate Research Fellow at IPAG Business School.
‘This book presents important insights into the causes and consequences of corporate fraud. The chapters encompass many useful empirical observations, as well as key case studies. It is an important resource for academics, practitioners, and policymakers alike.’ - -Douglas Cumming, DeSantis Distinguished Professor, Florida Atlantic University

'Corporate Fraud Exposed offers valuable insights on a wide cross section of timely, cutting-edge, fraud-related topics from essential background including causes and consequences, to detection and prevention, while highlighting case studies and areas for future research. From industry professionals to interested investors, readers will find this comprehensive work, from a mix of talented academics and practitioners led by highly accomplished co-editors, both intriguing and informative. As the editors point out, fighting fraud remains a never-ending battle with fintech and data analytics representing the latest battlefronts.’ - Dr Greg Filbeck, CFA, FRM, CAIA, CIPM, PRM, Penn State Behrend

‘This book is a unique one-stop-shop for understanding corporate fraud that provides a breadth of perspectives from a variety of academic disciplines. Summarizing the latest research and grounded in empirical data, the book provides valuable insights for students, academics, policymakers, investors, and practitioners alike.’   - William J. Mayew, Professor of Accounting, Duke University, Fuqua School of Business

‘This book provides a timely reminder of the inevitability of fraud, the costly societal consequences, and what can and can’t be done to detect and mitigate it. Readers will appreciate the multi-disciplinary and global perspective, that brings together research on well-known frauds of the past with frauds of the future enabled by technology (e.g. ‘crowdfooling’), showcasing evolving opportunities to address, from transparency, to whistleblowing to analytics.’ - Alexander Dyck, Professor of Finance and Economic Analysis and Policy, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

'This is a terrific book! It not only demystifies and explains the phenomenon of corporate fraud but also exposes its complex and multifaceted nature. It covers cutting edge topics (e.g., cyber-fraud and “crowd-fooling”) on corporate fraud and uses detailed illustrations of major corporate scandals to demonstrate the global nature of fraud. The book’s clarity and comprehensive coverage of fraud make it a valuable reference for practitioners, policy makers, academics and graduate students alike.' - Kose John, Charles William Gerstenberg Professorship in Banking and Finance, Stern School of Business, New York University

'This book provides a wide-ranging coverage of the costly and growing epidemic afflicting the corporate and financial worlds: Fraud. An exceptional and coherent collection of well-researched chapters, Corporate Fraud Exposed reveals the pervasiveness of fraud and its dreadful impact on corporations and their stakeholders. It also offers an in-depth analysis of how fraud is committed and what can be done to prevent its occurrence in the first place. Given its holistic and forward-looking perspective, this book is valuable to academics, students, professionals as well as policy makers.' - Omrane Guedhami, C. Russell Hill Professor of Economics, Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina

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