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Feminists and Queer Theorists Debate the Future of Critical Management Studies Vol: 3

Sarah Gilmore
University of Portsmouth, UK

Alison Pullen
Macquarie University, Australia

Nancy Harding
University of Bradford, UK

Mary Phillips
University of Bristol, UK

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24 Apr 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
272 pages - 152 x 229 x 20mm
Dialogues in Critical Management Studies
'What is CMS for and what might its future be- both inside the domain of academia and outside it? It's a question that has beguiled and frustrated academics within and outside its community. At the hear of CMS is an enduring skepticism concerning the social and ecological sustainability of prevailing ideas and forms of management and organization. Using ideas from feminist and queer theory, authors of this volume aim to generate some thinking and possibly a nascent agenda. It focuses on the future of CMS but also intertwines it with ideas as to how scholarly communities can engage in working lives differently.
1. Collecting feminist and queer dialogues in and around CMS - The editors 2. Redeeming difference in CMS through anti-racist feminism - Helena Liu 3. Beyond subject-less abstractions: a feminist praxis contribution - Ngaire Bissett 4. Feminist critical management studies in the lecture hall: a space for activism and hope? - Katherine J C Sang, Steven Glasgow 5. Feminism in the third space: critical discourse analysis of Mipsterz women and grassroots activism - Golnaz Golnaraghi and Sumayya Daghar 6. The Neoliberal Crisis: Alternative Organizing and Spaces of/for Feminist Solidarity - Maria Daskalaki and Marianna Fotaki 7. Manifesto for Feminist Critical Race Killjoys in CMS - Elaine Swan 8. Feminist CMS writing as difficult joy: Via bitches and birds - Janet Sayers 9. Writing with Eve: Queering Paper - Ann Rippin 10. Queer Matters: Reflections on the Critical Potential of Affective Organizing - Sine Nørholm Just, Sara Louise Muhr, Thomas Burø 11. Critical management studies, queer theory and the prospect of a queer friendship - Nick Rumens 12. What’s wrong with queer? Between queer dialogue and separatist safe spaces - Louise Wallenberg and Torkild Thanem 13. Concluding chapter - Sarah Gilmore and Nancy Harding

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