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Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Education Vol: 2

Pantelis M. Papadopoulos
Aarhus University, Denmark

Roland Burger
Learnr Research Cambridge, UK

Ana Faria
SCIO (Sociedade do Conhecimento, Inovação e Organização Lda), Portugal

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19 Dec 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
336 pages - 152 x 229 x 18mm
Advances in Digital Education and Lifelong Learning
This book explores the concepts of innovation and entrepreneurship through multiple lenses in the context of education. Mixing equal parts of theory and practice, this volume takes a closer look on how innovation and entrepreneurship are approached around the globe as disciplines, methods, and mindsets. Focusing on ubiquitous learning and transcending the borders of formal, informal, and non-formal learning, the book presents theoretical models and case studies of initiatives, practices, and projects on how innovative pedagogies and ICT could support the development of innovation and entrepreneurial skills for business and everyday life. Featured examples illustrate how emerging learning theories and technology could become powerful agents in nurturing creativity, self-efficacy, problem-solving, social connectedness, and inclusion. The book provides a glimpse at the state-of-the-art in innovation and entrepreneurship in education as seen through the latest academic studies and business currents.
INTRODUCTION PART I: TRENDS AND APPROACHES OF I&E IN HIGHER EDUCATION 1. Assessment For Learning In Innovation And Entrepreneurship Education - Radmila M. Rasmussen 2. Out Of The Blue: Teaching Creativity And Entrepreneurship Through Flashmobs - Richard Tunstall, Lenita Nieminen, Lin Jing and Rasmus Hjorth 3. How to become a lean entrepreneur by applying lean start-up and lean canvas? - Patrick Link PART II: SUPPORTING SOCIAL I&E 4. Social Innovation Education: Designing Learning For An Uncertain World - Bethany Alden-Rivers 5. Social Policy And Social Entrepreneurship: Between The Public And The Private - Ioannis N. Katsikis and Lida P. Kyrgidou PART III: INNOVATIVE PEDAGOGIES AND LEARNING COMMUNITIES 6. Innovative Approach To The Formation And Sustainability Of A Learning Community Connecting Students In University Classrooms Across Asia Pacific - Brendan F. D. Barrett 7. Entrepreneurship And Education: The “Innoentre” Project - Lida P. Kyrgidou, Theodosios Sapounidis and Ioannis Stamelos 8. Towards An Entrepreneurial Mindset: Empowering Learners In An Open Laboratory - Klaus Thestrup and Sarah Robinson PART IV: STUDY PROGRAMS AND COMPETITIONS ON I&E 9. Delivering An Entrepreneurship-Focused MBA in the UAE - Abdullah Abonamah, Sophia Korayim and Llewellyn D. W. Thomas 10.iNNoVaNDiS: A 10-Year Experience In Entrepreneurship And Innovation Education - Asunción Ibáñez-Romero and Jon Mikel Zabala-Iturriagagoitia 11. Poliempreende - Rafael Pedrosa PART V: APPLICATIONS OF I&E APPROACHES IN BUSINESS AND EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY 12. Jugaad Innovation And Intrapreneurship At Pearson - Kelwyn Looi and Josh Fleming 13. Tangible User Interfaces For Programming And Education: A New Field For Innovation And Entrepreneurship - Theodosios Sapounidis, Ioannis Stamelos and Stavros Demetriadis
Pantelis M. Papadopoulos, Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark Roland Burger, Learnr Research Cambridge, UK Ana Faria, SCIO, Lda., Portugal

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