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Emerging Directions in Doctoral Education Vol: 6

Patrick Blessinger
Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association, USA

Denise Stockley
Queen's University, Canada

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04 Apr 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
300 pages - 152 x 229 x 20mm
Innovations in Higher Education Teaching and Learning
This volume examines how universities and colleges around the world are developing innovative ways to provide doctoral education, including new theories and models of doctoral education and the impact of changes in government and/or accreditation policy on practices in doctoral education. Specifically, this volume looks at the emerging trends in student selection practices, research topic selection, supervision practices, and dissertation review and approval process across a range of disciplines across different institutional types across different countries. Seeking to understand the current landscape of how universities are preparing the next generation of researchers, scholars, scientists, and university faculty, Emerging Directions in Doctoral Education is a must-read for faculty, researchers, accreditation agencies, doctoral students and policymakers.
PART I: CONCEPTS AND PRINCIPLES Innovative Approaches in Doctoral Education: An Introduction to Emerging Directions in Doctoral Education - Patrick Blessinger and Denise Stockley Doctoral Education for the Future: Through the Looking Glass - Gerard Hoyne, Julia Alessandrini and Marc Fellman Scholar-in-Training; Leader-in-Training: The Rutgers University PreDoctoral Leadership Development Institute - Ralph A. Gigliotti, Brian D. Agnew, Christine Goldthwaite, Surabhi Sahay, Maria Dwyer and Brent D. Ruben Managing the Psychological Contract within Doctoral Supervisory Relationships - Sally Sambrook PART II: SUCCESSFUL PRACTICES Disciplinarity Issues in Educational Technology Doctoral Supervision - Gale Parchoma and Jeffrey M. Keefer Living Theory in Action: Preparing a New Generation of Educational Researchers - Karen L. Ford, Elena Yu. Polush and Nancy J. Brooks Creating a Decolonized Alliance: American Indian and Alaska Native Doctoral Leadership Program - Kem M. Gambrell and Lazarina N. Topuzova Collision and Coalescence – German and British Cultures in Doctoral Education - Wolfgang Deicke, Johannes Moes and Johannes Siemens Client-Based Dissertations in Practice - Kathleen M. Haywood, Kimberly R. Allen and Felicita A. Myers Learning like Adults: A Hybrid Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program for Mid-Career Professionals - Judith Beth Cohen, Jo Ann Gammel and Amy Rutstein-Riley Applying Self-Determination Theory to Improve Completion Rates in a Part-time Professional Doctorate Program - Grace McCarthy Differentiation and Integration: Managing the Paradox in Doctoral Education - Jon F. Wergin and Laurien Alexandre Qualified … for What? The Potential for Qualifying Exams to Become Meaningful Professional Milestones - Jessica L. Riviere Joint Doctoral Supervision across Countries: Changes, Challenges and Considerations - Elise van den Hoven and Julia Connell Developing Institutional Leadership for the Scholarship of Graduate Student Supervision: Lessons Learned in a Canadian Research-Intensive University - Anthony Clarke, Harry Hubball and Andrea Webb
Edited by Patrick Blessinger, International HETL Association, New York, USA; St. John’s University, New York, USA Denise Stockley, Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada

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