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Institutional Investors In Global Capital Markets Vol: 12

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27 Sep 2011
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
350 pages - 156 x 234 x 38mm
International Finance Review


The edited volume on "The Role of Institutional Investors in a Globalized Environment" will publish original papers that examine various issues concerning the strategies of institutional investors, the role of institutional investors in corporate governance, their impact on local and international capital markets, as well as the emergence of sovereign and other asset management funds and their interactions with micro and macro economic and market environments including the impacts on international economic and market stability.
List of Contributors. Introduction to Institutional Investors in Global Capital Markets. Financial Liberalization and Foreign Institutional Investors: Literature Review. Institutional Investment Horizon and Firm Credit Ratings. Divestment of Foreign Strategic Investment in China's Banking Sector: Causes and Consequences. Domestic and Foreign Institutional Investor Behavior in China: Financial Characteristics and Corporate Governance. Institutional Investors' Participation in Foreign Firms: Evidence from ADRs. Do Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) Exhibit Herding and Positive Feedback Trading in Indian Stock Markets?. Do Financial Conglomerates have an Incentive to Prevent Managers of other Firms from Pursuing their Own Interest?. The Impact of Foreign Government Investments: Sovereign Wealth Fund Investments in the United States. What do Sovereign Wealth Funds Imply for Financial Stability?. Africa's Quest for Development: Can Sovereign Wealth Funds Help?. Portfolio Allocation for Sovereign Wealth Funds in the Shadow of Commodity-Based National Wealth. Are Sovereign Wealth Funds Politically Biased? A Comparison with other Institutional Investors. Sovereign Wealth Fund Acquisitions: A Comparative Analysis with Mutual Funds. Institutional Investors in Global Capital Markets. International finance review. International finance review. Copyright page.

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