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Advances in Measurement in Educational Research and Assessment

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05 May 1999
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
304 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm


Over the last three decades, there have been marked developments in the field of measurement in education and psychology. "Advances in Measurement in Educational Research and Assessment" presents the developments that have occurred and puts them into perspective. It discusses the continuing challenge to improve measurement both for research and for the assessment of student performance and learning in schools, and looks at the substantial advances that are likely to continue to occur in the future. The volume specifies procedures that have been developed to cover a wide range of situations in both research and the assessment of student learning. Although emphasis is placed on the use of the Rasch model, it is recognized that there is a range of different strategies that might be employed for successful measurement, that there are many unresolved issues, and that progress is still being made in this field.
Introduction (J.P. Keeves, G.N. Masters). Part I: New Theoretical Developments. New approaches to measurement (J.P. Keeves, S. Alagumalai). Latent trait measurement models (H. Swaminathan). Item response theory (M.L. Stocking). Rasch measurement theory (P. Allerup). Rasch measurement models (B.D. Wright). Partial credit model (G.N. Masters). Rating scale analysis (D. Andrich). Sufficient statistics in educational measurement (E.B. Andersen). Part II: Applications of Measurement in Research and Assessment. Adaptive testing (D.J. Weiss, J.L. Schleisman). Computerized educational testing (W.J. van der Linden). Measurement of developmental levels (M. Wilson). Equating of tests (M.J. Kolen). Essays: equating of marks (D. Andrich). Individualized testing in the classroom (J.M. Linacre). Item analysis in test construction (J.J. Barnard). Item banking (J. Umar). Item bias (J.D. Scheuneman, C.A. Bleistein). Guessing in multiple choice tests (H.J. Rogers). Measurement of judgments (J.M. Linacre). Charting of student progress (G.N. Masters et al.). Issues in educational measurement (J.P. Keeves, G.N. Masters). Name Index. Subject index.

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