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The Sustainability Debate: Policies, Gender and the Media Vol: 14

Martina Topić
Leeds Beckett University, UK

George Lodorfos
Leeds Beckett University, UK

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25 Mar 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
320 pages - 152 x 229mm
Critical Studies on Corporate Responsibility, Governance and Sustainability
The Sustainability Debate is the result of a collaboration between academics and members of the Retail Institute predominantly working in retail and packaging industries. It responds to practitioners’ frustration with consumers’ emotionality and lack of knowledge around sustainability issues, problems often fostered by the media.  

This fourteenth volume of Critical Studies on Corporate Responsibility, Governance and Sustainability thus puts together a debate that goes beyond the rhetoric of environmental protection and looks at sustainability from several angles. The book is predominantly focused on human and social sustainability and this focus is carried into sections that discuss sustainable policies, media and gender. This volume ultimately moves away from merely discussing environmental protection and shifts to the effect sustainable policies have on people and society. 

With a scope expanded to include human and social sustainability as well as economic sustainability, this book’s original contribution is that is sees sustainability as a dynamic and complex system of human, social and environmental aspects.
Introduction; Martina Topić and George Lodorfos 
Chapter 1. Higher Education as Determinant of Competitiveness and Sustainable Economic Development; Miloš Krstić 
Chapter 2. Economic Substantiality: Skills in the UK Labour Market; Léon Consearo 
Chapter 3. Integrated Reporting – an Essential Tool for SME Sustainability?; Fiona Robertson 
Chapter 4. Sustainability Reporting Practices in FTSE100 Companies; Nuha Ceesay, Moade Shubita and Fiona Robertson 
Chapter 5. Consumer Perceptions of Packaging Sustainability: The Size of the Problem for Businesses; Ben Mitchell 
Chapter 6. From Ecofeminist Theories to Ecofeminist Practice: Women, Sustainability and Ethical Consumerism; Mirela Holy, Marija Geiger Zeman and Zdenko Zeman 
Chapter 7. Generational Differences in the Packaging of Women’s Land: A Challenge to Sustainability or, to Sustain or Not to Sustain and At What Cost?; Batya Weinbaum 
Chapter 8. Gendered Ageism and Sustainable Work in Croatia: A Case Study of the Association of Women 50+; Mirela Polić 
Chapter 9. Women and the Northern Powerhouse Initiative; Laura Garry 
Chapter 10. Journalism Needs to Get Political about Plastic Pollution: French vs US Approaches; Aaron McKinnon 
Chapter 11. Exploring the #zerowaste Lifestyle Trend on Instagram; Tauheed Ramjaun 
Chapter 12. Using Instagram as a Communication Channel in Green Marketing Digital Mix: A Case Study of bio & bio Organic Food Chain in Croatia; Filip Šikić 
Chapter 13. Social Network Analysis of #ClimateAction on Twitter; Gemma Bridge
Martina Topić is a Senior Lecturer in Public Relations at Leeds Beckett University, Leeds Business School, UK. Her research interests include women’s studies, journalism practice, corporate social responsibility and feminist studies, with a particular focus on ecofeminism. 

George Lodorfos is full Professor and Dean of Leeds Business School at Leeds Beckett University, UK.

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