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40th Anniversary of Studies in Symbolic Interaction Vol: 40

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02 May 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
400 pages - 174 x 246 x 21mm
Studies in Symbolic Interaction


To mark 40 volumes of Studies in Symbolic Interaction, this volume includes a special introduction from Series Editor, Norman K. Denzin. This 40th volume advances critical discourse on several fronts at the same time, including a report from the First Contemporary Ethnography Across the Disciplines hui, Waikato, New Zealand; New Empirical Studies by D. Coates, J. Johnson, D. Altheide, C. J. Schneider and D. Trotter, R. J. Berger, C. Corroto, J. Flad, and R. Quinney, and B. Jarrett (respectively): new religious movements, the California School of Symbolic Interaction, Terrorism and the National Security University, the 2011 Vancouver Riot, The Terrains of Medical Diagnosis and Treatment, and mediation processes. In a separate section to highlight the diverse and challenging aspects of symbolic interactionism; Ryan Turner asks if animals have selves? Michael Katovich and Robert Young and Carol Thompson use Turners article as a springboard for insightful commentary on the selves of other animals and the selves of humans.
Introduction. About the Authors. Ethnographic Practice(s) and Symbolic Interaction: Work from the Contemporary Ethnography Across the Disciplines Hui. Hypertextual Self-Scapes: Crossing the Barriers of the Skin. The Contact Sheet: Combining Evocative and Analytic Modes into Visual Autoethnography of the Moment. Movement-Initiated Writing in Dance Ethnography. Transgressing Boundaries of Private and Public: Auto-Ethnography and Intercultural Funerals. An Autoethnography of Queer Transmasculine Femme Incoherence and the Ethics of Trans Research. Going “Slowly Slowly”: An Ethnographic Engagement with Resettled Sudanese Men. Symbolic Interactionism in Safety Communication in the Workplace. Boys’ Visual Representations and Interpretations of Physical Education. Ethnographic Fieldwork as Embodied Material Practice: Reflections from Theory and the Field. To the Field, and Back…. New Religious Movements as Avenues for Self-Change and the Development of Increased Emotional Connectedness. The Contributions of the California Sociologies to the Diversity and Development of Symbolic Interaction. Terrorism and the National Security University: Public Order Redux. Social Media and the 2011 Vancouver Riot. Navigating the Terrain of Medical Diagnosis and Treatment: Patient Decision Making and Uncertainty. Making Mediation Work: A Sociological View of Human Conflict. Do Animals have Selves?. We’ll Always have the Self. The Selves of other Animals: Reconsidering Mead in Light of Multidisciplinary Evidence. 40th Anniversary of Studies in Symbolic Interaction. Studies in symbolic interaction. Studies in symbolic interaction. Copyright page. List of Contributors.

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