30-Minute Website Marketing: A Step By Step Guide

Lee Wilson
Vertical Leap, UK

Product Details
18 Oct 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
200 pages - 152 x 229mm
Everyday businesses of all sizes are generating a fraction of the potential website return on investment (ROI) and broader marketing value for their business. The largest part of this opportunity wastage comes from overlooked marketing potential, plus an inability to take immediate action based on competing time demands and budget restraints.  

30-Minute Website Marketing: A Step By Step Guide utilizes over 15 years of website marketing experience and digital expertise to empower businesses to identify and act on untapped website success. With all actions taking 30 minutes or less, companies can work towards improving the results gained from their website marketing efforts, and by adhering to the practical steps in this book, businesses can be confident that those 30 minutes provide the returns on resource investment needed.  

Through this guide, Lee Wilson delivers impactful, instant value to the broader marketing and targeted website marketing field, with practical help, direction, and expert step-by-step advice for marketing professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, and start-up organisations.
Chapter 1. An introduction to the website marketing ecosystem
Chapter 2. Website marketing pain points & fundamentals
Chapter 3. The role of websites in today's marketing
Chapter 4. 30-minute actions methodology
Chapter 5. 30-minute Social Media Marketing (SMM) actions
Chapter 6. 30-minute Search Engine Optimization (SEO) actions
Chapter 7. 30-minute Content Creation actions
Chapter 8. 30-minute Content Marketing actions
Chapter 9. 30-minute Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) actions
Chapter 10. 30-minute Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) actions
Chapter 11. 30-minute tips for the wider website
Chapter 12. Strategic thinking in 30 minutes
Lee Wilson is Head of Services, SEO, and member of the Operations team at the top 10 UK Search and Digital marketing agency, Vertical Leap. Alongside his extensive agency experience, Lee has also worked within the Financial Services sector and for his own digital marketing company. He has led numerous marketing, search and digital departments, delivering success to businesses from start-ups, entrepreneurs and SMEs, through to multinationals and global brands. He is the author of Tactical SEO: The Theory and Practice of Search Marketing (2016) and Data-Driven Marketing Content (Emerald, 2019).
30-Minute Website Marketing is your new one-stop-shop for understanding digital marketing in bitesize chunks. If you’re looking to broaden your understanding of digital marketing and its place in business, you won’t go far wrong here. This book is packed full of information that’ll stand the test of time.


Using his extensive expertise and knowledge, Lee Wilson has managed to create a book that captures the forms and functions of a wide-range of marketing channels without being overwhelming. I recommend you give this book a blast!

- Jack Cooper, Digital Marketing Manager, Andertons Music Co.

Lee Wilson's experience and understanding of digital marketing has allowed him to distil complex marketing strategies and tactics into quick and easy process driven activities. With a focus on team management, this book is highly relevant to today’s enterprise internal digital marketing teams and agencies alike. Ensuring that every stakeholder is working to the best of their ability is just one of the key aspects of this book, and condensing the team environment, communication and delivery into 30 minute activities will drive ROI. - Sam Osborne, SEO and Performance UX Specialist, Top 10 UK agency

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