21st Century Corporate Citizenship: A Practical Guide to Delivering Value to Society and your Business

Dave Stangis
Campbell Soup Company, USA

Katherine Valvoda Smith
Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, USA

Product Details
27 Mar 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
280 pages - 152 x 229 x 15mm
21st Century Corporate Citizenship is a practical guide to building a successful business in the modern day. It is a book about leveraging all the tools, trends and assets at the disposal of business to drive bottom-line results, value chain resiliency, productivity, innovation, long-term shareowner value, and benefit for the community. This is the book that leverages corporate citizenship as a value-creating enterprise and translates sustainability, corporate responsibility, and social impact to help you create the most successful business possible in tomorrow’s competitive landscape. For the up and coming manager, this book is the crib sheet to the 21st century MBA that you can’t get (yet) in business schools.  The tools and insights presented are valuable for every business person thinking about how to differentiate their company and maximize business and social value—from the sole proprietor to those working in a global megacorporation—the concepts explored are ‘must do’ for those working for manufacturing B2B or B2C companies that are managing complex supply chains, global operations, and corporate reputation. This ‘how-to’ handbook presents a step-by-step process aimed at helping you create the most successful business possible in the 21st century competitive landscape, empowering corporate citizenship professionals to accelerate their credibility within their company as an effective contributor who understands their company’s strategy and who creates value.
Introduction The Practical Guide The Corporate Citizenship Challenge SECTION 1: LAYING THE FOUNDATION AND CREATING YOUR BASIC TOOLS 1. Connecting Corporate Citizenship to Business Purpose 2. Creating Advantage in Your Marketplace 3. Of the People, for the People, by the People 4. Connecting Corporate Citizenship to Business Strategy 5. How to Set Up and Organize Your Corporate Citizenship Program SECTION 2: GETTING RESULTS ACROSS YOUR BUSINESS 6. The Importance of Your Supply Chain and Procurement Function 7. Creating a More Sustainable Operation 8. Defining and Managing Your Corporate Giving Program SECTION 3: PULLING IT ALL TOGETHER 9. If a Sustainably Harvested Tree Falls in the Forest and There Is No One There to Hear It … Getting Your Message Across 10. Building On Your Success List of Key Terms Corporate Citizenship Glossary References Index
Dave Stangis, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility and Chief Sustainability Officer at Campbell Soup Company Katherine V. Smith, Executive Director of the Center for Corporate Citizenship, Carroll School of Management at Boston College, part-time faculty at the Carroll School of Management where she teaches "Business in Society".

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