21 for 21: Leading the 21st Century Global Enterprise

Michael Stankosky
George Washington University, USA

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06 Apr 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
130 pages - 129 x 198mm
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Based on over fifty years of experience from the author’s hands-on work in the field, Michael Stankosky provides 21 guiding principles on how to lead and manage today’s global organization. 21 for 21 is packed with case studies, aiding visuals, and mantras to help facilitate a deeper understanding of the dynamics and complexity of leading and managing a global enterprise, and it is both multi- and inter- disciplinary in its treatment. Each chapter focuses on a different principle: from successful knowledge management, to the secrets of successful negotiations, and managing systems engineering alongside project management.  

This applicable guide is an ideal companion for MBA students of management, leadership, and innovation, and it is also of keen interest to senior managers and leaders in a global organization, and researchers in these areas.
Introduction. Setting Expectations 
Chapter 1. Simplicity: the new competitive advantage 
Chapter 2. If it isn’t broke, break it! 
Chapter 3. Leveraging knowledge is power—not simply sharing it 
Chapter 4. Four Cs for the 21st Century: Codification + Collaboration + Convergence + Coherence = Success
Chapter 5. Codify – Codify – Codify! 
Chapter 6. Connect the dots; connect the people 
Chapter 7. The gull who flies the highest, sees the furthest—a framework for architecting  
Chapter 8. Successful engineering—design it in  
Chapter 9. Systems engineering + project management = success  
Chapter 10. Successful innovation means commercialization
Chapter 11. Search for best-practices-to-be; otherwise, adopting best practices = mediocrity
Chapter 12. Think outside the box—however, remember you need to implement in it
Chapter 13. Secret of successful negotiations: expand the pie from the outset
Chapter 14. It’s not what you know, but who knows you that counts the most
Chapter 15. Best answers are derived from the right questions
Chapter 16. Bring a solution with every problem
Chapter 17. Successful Knowledge Management (KM) = Leadership + Organization + Technology + Learning
Chapter 18. Three circles for success: Objective + Resources + Legitimization
Chapter 19. Master luck: do not believe in miracles; rely on them  
Chapter 20. Avoid the silver-bullet approach
Chapter 21. Say what you mean, and mean what you say  
Coda 1. The Seventh Discipline: The Art & Science of Integrating Multi-national Organizations
Coda 2. What’s in a Name: Can You Name Your Assets?
Coda 3. Genius: A Marriage of Art and Science
Coda 4. Globalization: A Clash of Cultures
Coda 5. The Final Encore: Can It Come Together?
Michael Stankosky is an author, scholar, lecturer, consultant, and editor-emeritus of Vine: The Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems. He is also former career military officer, business executive, and professor at The George Washington University. He founded and directed the Institute of Knowledge and Innovation, an international brain trust of over 80 scholars and practitioners in Knowledge Management, and created the first Master’s and doctorate programs in Knowledge Management. His is the editor of Creating The Discipline of Knowledge Management and In Search of Knowledge Management and regularly speaks at conferences, universities, and fora around the globe.

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