Research in the Sociology of Sport

Research in the Sociology of Sport (RSS) reflects the current themes in the sociology of sport and also captures innovative trends as they emerge in the work of scholars across the globe. The series brings together research from experts on established topics whilst also directing attention to themes that are at the 'cutting-edge' of this sub-discipline.

This exciting series examines the relationships between sport, culture and society. The function, meaning and significance of sport in contemporary societies are critically appraised. Attention is given to both small-scale micro levels of interaction in sport subcultures and also to how these sport subcultures exist within the macro processes reflected in the historical and structural features of societies.

Each volume of Research in the Sociology of Sport features specially commissioned experts examining a common theme.

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Free content

Series editor Kevin Young has selected one chapter from each of the series ten volumes to be made free-to-access during October 2017. Read, download and share!

Pierre Bourdieu's Sociocultural Theory and Sport Practice
Suzanne Laberge and Joanne Kay - Vol 1, 2002 | Free forever

Sports-Related Pain and Injury: Sociological Notes
Kevin Young - Vol 2, 2004 | Free forever

The Commercialisation of the Olympics: Cities, Corporations, and the Olympic Commodity
Alan Tomlinson - Vol 3, 2005 | Free forever

The Social Construction of 'Steroid Subcultures'
Rob Beamish - Vol 4, 2008 | Free forever

An Open Letter from Rugby Boys in No-Voice-Land: Reflections on Rugby and Race by South Africa's 2007 Schoolboy Players
Cora Burnett - Vol 5, 2008 | Free forever

Truth or Dare: Examining the Perils, Pains and Pitfalls of Investigative Methodologies in the Sociology of Sport
John Sugden - Vol 6, 2012 | Free until 24 November

Towards Cultural Competence: How Incorporating Māori Values Could Benefit New Zealand Sport
Holly Raima Hippolite and Toni Bruce - Vol 7, 2014 | Free until 24 November

Sport, Social Development and Peace: Acknowledging Potential, Respecting Balance
Kevin Young and Chiaki Okada - Vol 8, 2014 | Free until 24 November

Sociology of Sport: United States of America
Jeffrey Montez de Oca - Vol 9, 2016 | Free until 24 November

The Sociology of Sport as a Career and Academic Discipline
Jay Coakley - Vol 10, 2017 | Free until 24 November

To submit a proposal to this series, please contact the series editor via email:

Kevin Young
University of Calgary, Canada

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