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Political Power and Social Theory is an annual review, committed to advancing our interdisciplinary, critical understanding of the linkages between social relations, political power, and historical development.This permanent forum for ideas not only fills the gap between quarterly publications and monographs, but also reveals the passionate engagement of scholars today with the social transformations in the world around them. By publishing manuscripts based on original research that challenge conventional theoretical assumptions, the series opens a space of inquiry and debate that crosses disciplinary and geographic boundaries and appeals to a broad range of social scientists as well as area specialists. All papers are double-blind peer reviewed by experts in the field.

Free content from "Rethinking the Colonial State'

To celebrate the new volume, out now, we've the editors have selected the following chapter to be made open access until the end of September 2017. Please read, download and share:

Marie Muschalek , (2017), Violence as Usual: Everyday Police Work and the Colonial State in German Southwest Africa

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