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Call for chapters: The Work-Family Interface: Spillover, Complications, and Challenges

Family researchers have long recognized the interconnected nature of work and family. Around the globe, there is a clear recognition that the paid labor experiences of individuals will affect their families and familial relationships, often in unanticipated manners. Likewise, family relationships and family structures can significantly influence the work experience of individuals. As both families and work experiences vary considerably across cultures, and over time, the nature of the work-family interface continues to change. In order to better understand these issues, this multidisciplinary issue of CPFR will address such topics as: parental employment and parenting, paid labor and marital quality, the integration of work-family domains, childcare and child development, dating and mate selection at work, work stress and family violence, health consequences of work-family conflict, relationship roles among dual-earner couples, family determinants of job performance, gender differences in work-family demands and consequences, and work stressors and family functioning; among others.

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